Rebel Wilson's surprise admission about her relationship: 'Distress'

Rebel Wilson has opened up about the toll of Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘grubby behaviour’ when the publication ‘tried to out’ her same-sex relationship.

On Saturday, the Australian Press Council condemned the SMH and found that the publication’s actions were “likely to cause substantial offence and distress”.

Rebel Wilson has shed light on the difficult position the couple were put in. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson
Rebel Wilson has shed light on the difficult position the couple were put in. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

The Pitch Perfect actress announced her relationship with girlfriend Ramona Agruma in June, with the SMH revealing they had given the star just two days to comment on the relationship before they went to print.

Journalist Andrew Hornery proceeded to write a tone-deaf column, complaining about the star’s choice to come out, claiming that Rebel ‘gazumped’ the SMH by breaking the news before he could.


The SMH published a ruling on Saturday which stated the Council found the publication “failed to take reasonable steps to comply with the Council’s Standards of Practice concerning privacy and avoidance of harm.”

The Council also added that Rebel’s relationship was ‘a deeply personal matter’ and ‘intruded on her reasonable expectations of privacy’.

The Senior Year star posted a sweet snap of herself with Ramona on Instagram and summed her thoughts up in the caption.

“Just seeing the news that the Australian Press Council has condemned the Sydney Morning Herald and their journalists for their recent grubby behaviour in trying to out my same-sex relationship,” she began.

“While I didn’t personally ask for any action to be taken I am glad that this has been officially recorded and recognised. Their actions did cause Ramona a lot of distress and while we’ve remained classy, there are still pains from having to rush this news publicly which we are dealing with.

“We move on, focusing on all the absolutely amazing new things in our life though! Sending love to everyone #loveislove,” she finished. Ramona commented a slew of pink hearts on the post to support her girlfriend.

L: Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma at a restaurant. R: Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson dressed up in gowns
Rebel announced her relationship with Ramona in June. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

Rebel’s post racked up over 65,000 likes in just three hours, and many of her celebrity friends applauded her behaviour.

Actresses Jennifer Aniston, Brittany Snow and Melanie Griffith all showed their support.

“Sending you so much love Rebel,” added fellow Senior Year star Avantika Vandanapu.

“Love always wins,” wrote actress Kelly Brook.

Her fans also flooded the post with positive comments.

“Sending love. No one deserves that. You are amazing and strong and so classy,” one person wrote.

“Amazing news. No one no matter famous or not should force someone to do or say something before they are ready,” a second added.

“I’ve been there too, not with the media but with family. Wishing you both lots of love and healing,” another chimed in.

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