Rebel Wilson comes out and reveals new girlfriend: 'Disney Princess'

Hollywood star Rebel Wilson has delighted fans after coming out as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, revealing that she’s in a new relationship with a woman.

“I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince…but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess. Love is love,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself and her new girlfriend Ramona Agruma.

Left: Rebel Wilson and new girlfriend Ramona smile. Right: Rebel in a tight green dress at a Senior Year premiere
Rebel Wilson has come out by posting a photo of her new girlfriend Ramona Agruma. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson and Getty Images

Her new squeeze Ramona is a fashion designer in Los Angeles, with her own clothing line Lemon Ve Limon. The clothing brand is ‘sustainable’ and makes pieces that combine ‘comfort and style.’

The star announced in May that she was in a relationship, but didn’t give any hints as to who the lucky person was. The couple were introduced through a friend after Rebel had no luck at finding love on Raya, a celebrity version of Tinder.

“I was on and off on the Raya app, but this was a friend set up,” she explained on Jordan Abraham and Jared Freid’s podcast U Up. “He had known both of us for at least five years and he thought we would hit it off - and then we did!”


The Pitch Perfect star has actually been taking Ramona to big events this year as her plus one and has even regularly posted photos of her new girlfriend on Instagram. Nobody batted an eyelid as it was assumed the pair were just friends, but it’s clear the actress is smitten.

The couple made their public debut in March when the loved-up women attended the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Rebel also took Ramona on a long-weekend trip to Utah, where the star supported the charity Operation Smile which helps children around the world.

Left: Rebel Wilson with Pitch Perfect stars at Polo Pride. Right: Rebel in a white skirt and sunglasses, holding a rainbow pride doughnut.
Rebel has been spotted supporting Pride month with her Pitch Perfect co-stars. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

Eagle-eyed fans would have noticed the actress dropping plenty of hints over the past month. Last week, the actress shared a post of herself with a rainbow doughnut wishing everybody “Happy Pride” and also made an appearance at World Polo Pride with some of her Pitch Perfect co-stars.

Rebel chose to keep her new squeeze secret earlier this year, but couldn’t help but gush over her “very romantic” relationship in May.

“I think going through the process of finding more self-worth, I think that what you want in a partner is elevated, so it’s great to have someone who feels like an equal partner and be in a healthy relationship,” she told People.

“There were times — I’m not saying with all my exes, they’re great — but there were some times that I was probably putting up with that I shouldn’t have. So it feels different to be in a really healthy relationship.”

Left: Rebel Wilson and girlfriend Ramona dressed up for the Vanity Fairs Oscar party. Right: Rebel in a tight green workout outfit.
Rebel took Ramona as her date to the Vanity Fair Oscars party earlier this year. Photo: Instagram/rebelwilson

Rebel’s bombshell baby admission

This news comes after the 42-year-old Senior Year star admitted she’s desperate to have a baby, revealing that was the driving factor for her 37kg weight loss in 2020.

“I would love to have a family,” she told People. “I’m just going for it by myself at the moment because of the biological clock. If I meet the right person, great, and then they can fit in with whatever happens.

“It’s great that the technology exists. You have so many options with surrogacy and sperm donors. I only started thinking of fertility when I was 39 so you feel quite late but then there are women in their mid-40s who’ve been successful. Look at Janet Jackson, it’s pretty inspiring,” she continued.

It’s unclear if her new flame will have a role in her pregnancy journey, but everybody is over the moon for the pair. Fellow celebrity friends have filled Rebel’s coming out post with rainbow hearts, people wishing the couple a ‘happy pride’, and saying ‘love is love.’

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