Rebel Wilson ridiculously mum-shamed over family photo: 'Her choice'

The mum-shamers were out in force over a happy snap of Rebel, Ramona and Royce.

She’s weathered her fair share of mum-shaming since welcoming her adorable baby daughter into the world and Rebel Wilson has yet again come up against some tough trolling online.

The 43-year-old uploaded a snap to her Instagram stories, showing her holding her baby girl Royce, with Ramona proudly standing by their side.

Rebel, who is currently holidaying on a tropical island, looks relaxed in the snap, wearing a stripy T-shirt and white linen pants, while Ramona is dressed in an oversized hoodie.

Rebel Wilson, Ramona and Royce
Rebel Wilson has been mum-shamed for how she's holding her baby. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

However, it’s the way Rebel is holding Royce that has the mum-shamers out in force, with the star coming up against harsh criticism online for her grasp on her baby.

“OMG look at the way she's holding her... she has no idea,” one Facebook user said, according to comments obtained by The Daily Mail.

“Needs to learn how to hold that baby properly,” another person wrote, while a third commenter said: “Why is she socially distancing her own baby?”.


Rebel Wilson holding Royce
Rebel and her family are currently holidaying on a tropical island. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson
Rebel's daughter Royce
Rebel and Ramona welcomed Royce into the world in November. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

Fans immediately rushed to Rebel’s defence, with one person commenting: “Leave the girl alone! Baby is being held securely, she was showing her of to the camera probably, and I respect her choice of not wanting her baby's face all over the media. Her child, her choice.”

“She's not hurting her, she's not dangling her by a foot, she's holding her securely and maybe she was just facing her baby out quickly for the photo. Grow up.... Get a grip of your own lives before passing judgment on a proud new parent!” another person wrote.

Rebel and Royce
Rebel playing with Royce in the ocean. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

One person slammed the trolls for being ‘judgemental’, saying there’s nothing wrong with how Rebel is holding the four-month-old.

Back in November, Rebel sparked a debate online after she shared videos of her partying weeks after welcoming her baby via a surrogate.

The footage showed the Senior Year star enjoying herself on the dancefloor with girlfriend Ramona Arguma and celebrity pals.

The video posted to Instagram came as PEOPLE reported the actress also attended Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday.


After Rebel posted a video of her attending a wedding anniversary party hosted by Paris Hilton, fans flocked to the comments of the now-deleted post to criticise the star for being out celebrating after just welcoming her new bundle of joy.

Rebel hit back at the shaming on her friend Brittany Hockley's Life Uncut podcast, saying: "I was shocked at the criticism because Chris Hemsworth goes to the gym and people aren't yelling, 'Where are your kids? What are you doing?' But why do they do it to every woman?" she said, adding events such as this were important for her professionally.

"Sure, going to those birthday parties is fun but it's a little bit [of] work in a way. Like I am talking to directors or talking to other actors that it might be useful to collaborate with and stuff.

"So it's kind of a little bit of work and a little bit of fun, and basically we were home by midnight, so it was all good."

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