Reason why Meghan Markle snubbed Prince Harry's kiss cam

Harry was left red-faced when Meghan rejected his advances.

An expert has weighed in on Meghan Markle snubbing Prince Harry’s kiss at a LA basketball game, saying perhaps the royal was trying to protect the couple’s image.

A very loved-up Harry and Meghan enjoyed a night out on Monday to watch the LA Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies go head-to-head at the Arena.

Of course, the kiss cam panned to the couple, with Meghan awkwardly giving the camera a wave and looking slightly embarrassed at the attention.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on kiss cam in LA
Meghan and Harry had a date night in LA. Photo: Twitter/NBA

Prince Harry on the other hand looked delighted, turning to his wife and leaning in for a kiss. Meghan can be seen in the footage bursting into laughter and giving her husband a playful tap on the arm.

A dejected Prince Harry then gives the camera a cheeky grimace as Meghan blushes beside him.

PR expert Chad Teixeira, CEO of celebrity PR agency Daddy The Agency, told The Mirror that Meghan could simply have been embarrassed at the attention at the event.


"Meghan and Harry have made it clear they're after some privacy," he said. "And they might not have been keen on sharing a lovey-dovey moment with a bazillion folks and cameras watching. Swerving the smooch could be a way of keeping their personal space intact in a very public spot.

"Meghan might be more clued-up on how PDA can rub some folks the wrong way in certain situations.

"By giving the kiss a miss, she could've been trying to find the middle ground between her US roots and the more buttoned-up British standards."

Meghan Markle laughing at Prince Harry
Prince Harry went in for the kiss. Photo: Twitter/NBA
Meghan Markle laughing at Prince Harry at the NBA
Harry could be seen jokingly grimacing at the camera. Photo: Twitter/NBA

Indeed, Meghan has rarely been seen out in public over the past few months, while her husband promoted his autobiography Spare.

Last week it was confirmed that Meghan Markle will not attend King Charles' coronation on May 6th, with multiple sources claiming her decision was down to the fact that it is happening on the same day as Prince Archie's birthday.

Meanwhile, it's believe Prince Harry's trip to the UK will very short, with the royal only making an appearance for the main coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

It's also believed he will be sitting ten rows back and won't have much interaction with King Charles or his brother, Prince William.

This means he won’t get to brush shoulders with high-profile talent performing at the coronation concert, as it takes place on May 7.

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