'Real reason' Yellow Wiggle Emma is leaving, according to a psychic

Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins shocked many people when she announced this week that she will be saying goodbye to the popular children’s group at the end of this year.

Though Sarah Yip - aka The Numbers Queen - a professional psychic from the Gold Coast was less surprised by the big career change, telling Yahoo Lifestyle why Emma may have decided to leave.

yellow wiggle emma watkins
Emma Watkins is handing over the Yellow skivvy at the end of the year. Photo: Supplied

"Emma’s lucky work number is 8 and she’s in an 8 personal year from Sept 2021, so it's not surprising (to me) that she's made a career change. She was announced as the Yellow Wiggle in 2012, and we live in 9-year cycles," Sarah tells us.

Sarah creates charts based on the sum of people’s DOBs and names in numerology, which can reveal our life path, or spiritual job description, as well as what careers suit us, our relationship style and even when we will experience wake up calls.

Emma Watkins makes big change

"Our life path comes from adding our DOB from left to right, then reducing it to a number between 1-9, 11, 22, 33 or 44 - the latter four are called ‘Master’ numbers as they involve double potentials," Sarah explains.


Emma Watkins will hand over her famous yellow skivvy to a new Yellow Wiggle, Tsehay Hawkins, one of the four new cast members who recently joined the band.

"After 11 years of performing with The Wiggles, and nine of those as the Yellow Wiggle, the time has come for me to pass the yellow skivvy on," Emma said in a statement.

"Like many people around the world, the pandemic has given me time to reflect on what is important in life. For me, that means spending more time at home, something that I didn’t realise I was missing out on being away eight months of the year on tour, but something that I have really cherished over the last 18 months."

the wiggles with emma
Sarah says Emma is a rare 39/12/3 life path Artist. Photo: Instagram

Emma is a rare life path

As Sarah reveals, Emma is a rare 39/12/3 life path Artist with her birthday on 21 September 1989.

"It’s interesting that Emma is leaving The Wiggles to complete her PhD in sign language, dance and film editing," Sarah says. "Part of her purpose is to bring attention to those who feel unheard in society. She’s known for her rapport with deaf and autistic kids.

"This life path is deep, creative and frequently underestimated. They help children and often promote the arts."

Sarah also says her known name, Emma Watkins, adds to 39/12/3, which is the same as her life path.

"Her biggest life lesson is to say no to choices that drain or scatter her," she adds.

Only this year, Emma in fact opened up about her own health battle with severe endometriosis, which would sometimes leave her in so much pain that she would be ‘bedridden’ while on tour.

"I kind of let the touring cover up for the fact that I was very unwell,” Emma said on the Western Sydney Health Check podcast back in May.

"Losing so much blood, I started to become really fatigued during the shows. It was hard for me to find control in my life, or a controlled environment, where I could see if it was me or it was just a lot of shows."

Easier and more peaceful journey ahead

Sarah also believes the change will see the 32-year-old performer have "an easier, more peaceful family and relationship journey from here onwards."

Emma announced her engagement to bandmate Oliver Brian back in April, three years after her marriage to Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie ended.

Emma and Lachlan's relationship and subsequent split made headlines August 2018, but the two have maintained they remain very close friends.

Lachlan has since welcomed twin daughters with his ballerina fiancee Dana Stephensen, who he met when she was a guest dancer for The Wiggles.

emma wiggle engaged
Oliver plays the banjo with The Wiggles. Photo: Instagram

And for what the future holds, Sarah said Emma can look forward to "a life-changing series of endings and beginnings from ages 32 through to 34."

"As she is missing the 4-5-6 in her date of birth, she’s a non-conformist who’s here to disrupt the status quo and bring in fresh energy. Her best years are yet to come.

"Age 39 will bring her greatest joy yet," she adds.

What about the new Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins?

When it comes to new Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins - who turns 16 next month - Sarah says she is either a 15/6 or 16/7 life path, so she will know her purpose right about now. She is one of the new generation of children (born 2000 onwards), who are "ready for the real world by their teens".

"Their DOB numerology includes far more 0’s, the number of total resets and spiritual ‘wholeness’. Their life paths are lower numbers, suggesting they are early bloomers compared to Gen X and Gen Y," she explains.

"Tsehay’s numbers suggest it will take her time, patience and support next year to adjust to being the new Yellow Wiggle. Her heartfelt personality will be her greatest asset on the show.

"I am looking forwards to seeing her rise into the spotlight and spread her wings."

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