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Radio host and comedian Lawrence Mooney has unleashed on Cassandra Thorburn after an extremely awkward interview for his Triple M breakfast show Moonman in the Morning.

The pre-recored chat with Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife was predominantly about her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, which kicked off last night.

But Mooney, being the comedian he is, introduced the interview with some honest words about how he really “wanted her to unload on Karl”.

Lawrence Mooney has lashed out at Cassandra Thorburn. Photo: Triple M
Lawrence Mooney has lashed out at Cassandra Thorburn. Photo: Triple M

“I asked her [about Karl’s hair plugs] and she wouldn’t touch that. She immediately looked out the glass at the Channel 10 publicist and that question got shut down,” he told his radio co-hosts.

Midway through the interview, Mooney asked Cass about Richard Reid’s comment on Karl using hair plugs, telling her that he was “decidedly on Team Cass” and likes to “stick the boot into Karl”.

“OK, when did Karl start balding?” he asked.

But Cass didn’t feel like responding and instead started talking about her DWTS dance partner, Marco.

Cassandra and dance partner Marco. Photo: Getty/Instagram
Cassandra and dance partner Marco. Photo: Getty/Instagram

“I was expecting after a summer of her unloading on Karl Stefanovic and his now-wife Jasmine Yarbrough, that she might be wanting to get stuck into Karl, but she wanted to play it safe,” Mooney said after the interview.

He went on to say that people would watch her on the show because she was Mrs Stefanovic, and no one “gives two hoots” about her being a journalist.

And in a later segment, he slammed her for being “a nightmare”.

“I am back into Karl Stefanovic, I’ve swung right back. You know what, Cass? I can see why he walked. You are a nightmare,” the host said.

Photo: Channel Ten
Photo: Channel Ten

The harsh comments come after Cass spoke out over the weekend, wanting to remind people she is more than just the “former Mrs Stefanovic.”

“There’s the Cass that people think of as the former Mrs Stefanovic. I was never a Mrs Stefanovic. I have always been Cass Thorburn,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Cass says she was never just ‘Mrs Stefanovic’. Photo: Getty
Cass says she was never just ‘Mrs Stefanovic’. Photo: Getty

“It is a fresh start to a new year and a great outlook… I can control being able to present myself as me.”

The author admitted she is excited at the opportunity to be herself and change any perception the public might have.

“People were interested and wanted to know who I am and that is why Dancing With The Stars is a good thing for me,” she continues. “If they like me as a person, which hopefully they will, then I will be able to move on with a career.”

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