Kyle Sandilands makes sad sex admission: 'Never recovered'

The shock jock said his first marriage left him 'damaged forever'.

Radio host Kyle Sandilands has opened up about his first marriage to singer Tamara Jaber saying it left him 'damaged forever'.

The shock jock was married to Tamara from 2008-2010 and when the topic of their ill-fated relationship came up on the Kyle and Jackie O show, after their pregnant producer, Jaimee Hassos, revealed she recently had a bad sexual experience when her baby kicked at a not ideal time.

The incident caused Jamie to tell her husband their intimacy had been 'no good' resulting in Jackie O bringing up a memory of Kyle's past.

"You do realise how damaging that was when Kyle got told that once?" Jackie said about Jamie's comment to her husband. "He never, ever got over it."

Kyle Sandilands and Tamara Jaber and Kyle on his radio show
Kyle Sandilands was married to singer Tamara Jaber from 2008-2010: Photo: Getty/


'Never recovered emotionally'

Kyle then revealed that Tamara had rated their sex a "two out of ten" saying that he had "never recovered emotionally" from the blow.

Kyle and Tamara were together for five years before they got married. Tamara later told The Daily Telegraph that she felt like an "accessory to his [Kyle's] world".

"I would just sit on the sideline and watch as he spoke for me," she said. "There was no way that he would allow my own personality to come through."

Kyle Sandilands and wife, Tegan Kynaston
Kyle Sandilands and wife, Tegan Kynaston. Photo:

Kyle later addressed the comments on radio, saying Tamara was "miserable" but stipulated that it was also because her music career had stalled.

In another radio chat, he also revealed Tamara tried to call off their wedding.


"She brought it up with me the day before, " he said, saying that Tamara told him that she thought they were "making a terrible mistake".

Apparently, when Tamara raised her concerns, Kyle deemed it as 'too late'.

"And I said 'It's too late now, I've spent a fortune," he said. "Anyway, she was right."

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