Jackie O shocks with sex admission in front of 12-year-old daughter

From threesomes to kissing cousins, Jackie O's daughter has overheard some risqué conversations.

Jackie O Henderson has shocked fans after revealing she told her daughter she once had a threesome.

The radio host and media personality said that her 12-year-old daughter Kitty had overheard her talking to friends about her 'lesbian experience' when she was out at a restaurant with friends.

Explaining it all on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Jackie told co-host Kyle Sandilands that Kitty's head 'whipped over' before her daughter asked: "What lesbian experience?"

"How does a mother handle that?" Kyle asked. "What did you say?"

Jackie O Henderson and her daughter Kitty
Jackie O has revealed she told her daughter Kitty about the time she had a threesome. Photo: Instagram.com//jackieo_official/

Jackie then went on to say she thinks honesty is the best policy.

"I have to be honest, because I figure if they ask you a question, you should be honest. So I said to her, 'I had a threesome,'" Jackie revealed.


Jackie said her daughter, who she shares with ex-husband Lee Henderson, wasn't 'phased' about her admission, but clarified she quickly shut down the conversation after telling Kitty that it's normal for people to experiment sexually.

"She was like 'OK OK'," Jackie shared. "She wasn't that phased about it."

Jackie also recently revealed that Kitty also recently overheard her talking about a time she kissed her cousin, an incident that happened when Jackie was a child but Kitty mistook it for an adult rendezvous.


"[Kitty] goes, 'So I just can't believe you, like you hooked up with your cousin'', Jackie said. "She thought we were adults when we did it."

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