Queen's loss that hit her 'exceptionally hard'

While the Queen endured many losses during her 70-year reign, including the death of her beloved husband Prince Philip, there was another loss that hit her "exceptionally hard".

Her Majesty was known for her love of corgis and owned over 30 of them during her lifetime.

The Queen
The Queen suffered many losses during her 70-year reign, but one moment hit her 'exceptionally hard'. Photo: Getty

It was also recently revealed that the Queen's most recent pair, Sandy and Muick, were by her side when she died at Balmoral Castle on September 8.

Royal expert Hilary Fordwich told Fox News Digital that the Queen was "hit exceptionally hard by the loss" of her corgi Willow in 2018. Willow was a direct descendent of Her Majesty's first corgi, Susan, who she was gifted on her 18th birthday.


"Back in 2018, she was hit exceptionally hard by the loss of her beloved Willow, who had become her most devoted companion due to being a direct descendant of Susan, her first corgi, who was an 18th birthday present when she was still Princess Elizabeth," Hilary shared.

Most of the Queen's corgis were direct descendants of Susan, with Hilary sharing why she believed the loss of Willow hit Her Majesty so hard.

"Willow’s close link with the Queen was due to being the last in a long line harkening back to her parents. Her closeness to her parents should never be underestimated as she now rests in peace with them, and her sister, the last Princess Margaret," she said.

The Queen and corgi
The Queen always adored her corgis and throughout her 70-year reign she had 30 corgis. Photo: Getty
Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and corgi
At one point the Queen had a pack of nine corgis, pictured here with Prince Philip, King Charles, and Princess Anne. Photo: Getty

"Complete with her father, King George VI and her mother, the much loved Queen Mother, they referred to themselves, as ‘we four’. Prince Philip, her husband, who passed in April 2021, has now been interned with them."

Two of the Queen's greatest passions were dogs and horses, with the royal expert sharing it made sense Sandy and Muick and her fell pony were involved in the funeral.

The monarch was very protective of her dogs and never wanted to leave any behind, so after Willow's death she didn't want to get another dog.

Muick, who is named after Loch Muick on the Queen's Balmoral property, was gifted to Her Majesty by Andrew along with another corgi named Fergus when Prince Philip was in hospital in March 2021.

Prince Andrew with corgis
The Queen's beloved corgis were reportedly "with her in the room" and by her side When she passed away, pictured here at Her Majesty's committal service with Prince Andrew. Photo: Getty

Philip passed away aged 99 in April 2021, with Fergus also sadly dying a few months later.

Princess Beatrice then found Sandy as a puppy and gave her to her grandmother.

The Queen only accepted the new dogs on the basis that Andrew or Beatrice would take them back after she died.

Prince Andrew was seen with the dogs, who are now under his care, following his mother's passing after the funeral.

Prince William confirmed to mourners the day before the Queen's funeral that the dogs are doing well.

"I saw them the other day," he said. "They’re being looked after fine. They’re two very friendly corgis. They’ve got a good home. They’re being looked after very well."

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