Detail in Queen’s death certificate reveals cause of death

The cause of Queen Elizabeth II’s death has finally been confirmed as “old age” after her death certificate was released.

The National Records of Scotland shared the official certificate which notes the monarch died at 3.10pm on September 8 in Balmoral Castle.

Queen's death certificate by National Records of Scotland
The Queen's cause of death has finally been revealed. Photo: National Records of Scotland

Princess Anne is listed as the official informant about the Queen’s death, as she was by the monarch’s bedside until the end.

The timing of the Queen’s death means that many of her family members arrived slightly too late to say a last goodbye.

King Charles and Princess Anne were the only two family members to be with Her Majesty as she died.


Prince Andrew, Prince William, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex were due to take a private RAF plane from London at 1.30pm, but there was a mysterious delay.

After taking off at 2.39pm, the family members arrived in Aberdeen at 3.50pm — 40 minutes after the Queen’s death.

The public found out about the Queen's death at 6.30pm. Photo: Getty
The public found out about the Queen's death at 6.30pm. Photo: Getty

The group made it to Balmoral around 5pm and William is said to be ‘furious’ that he didn’t make it in time to see his grandmother one last time.

Prince Harry’s plane didn’t leave until 5.35pm, with many multiple palace sources claiming he found out about his grandmother’s death by reading online reports.

Buckingham Palace formally announced the Queen’s death at 6.30pm, not long before Harry arrived in Scotland at 6.46pm.

A Buckingham Palace insider told Page Six that members of the royal family did not phone Harry to break the news the Queen had died, and he only found out through online news reports after he landed in Scotland.

Prince Harry in a black car driving in Scotland
Prince Harry was the last member of the royal family to arrive in Scotland. Photo: Getty

While the Duke and Duchess’ spokesperson originally stated that Meghan Markle would accompany Harry to Scotland, she ended up staying behind.

Today show royal commentator Dickie Arbiter said at the time it was "extraordinary" that Harry didn’t travel earlier with other members of the family, adding it was "very sad" that Harry arrived after the death of Her Majesty.

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