'Uncomfortable times' ahead for Kate as psychic predicts major changes in 2022

While 2022 may have started positively for Kate Middleton, as the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her milestone 40th birthday, a psychic sees some 'uncomfortable times' ahead.

Sarah Yip - aka The Numbers Queen – has shared some predictions for Prince William and Kate with Yahoo Lifestyle and says there are major changes coming for the pair.

william and kate
A professional psychic and numerologist has shared her 2022 royal predictions with Yahoo Lifestyle. Photo: Getty

The professional psychic and numerologist from the Gold Coast creates numerology charts based off the sum of our DOB which reveals our lifepath, or spiritual job description. It also shows the age we mature.

Here she shares her thoughts on the Cambridge's road ahead:

'Complex situation' ahead for Prince William

"Prince William’s numerology shows that his 39th year, from June 2021 to 2022 will be a lifetime turning point, where he is growing more popular and confident. He’s comfortable with his increasing power and looking forwards to eventually being the Royal King (with Harry working on being the People’s King, a theme I wrote about in the 2021 Royals Forecast).


William will start 2022 on a high, with January bringing happiness, before a complex situation in February and March demands his full attention. By April and May, he is in the spotlight for positive reasons, such as charitable causes, which sets good wheels in motion for June right through to August. This is a busy time when he will be capably managing new responsibilities.

prince william
Prince William will face a 'complex situation' in 2022. Photo: Getty

There is a total reset for William in September, which requires him to seek help but also gives him permission to start again by October, in a positive way. Although I can’t quite see the situation, it feels like a shock and surprise, which brings William and Harry back together for a time.

William may be resting in November before giving inspiring talks around Christmas. It feels like the 2022 festive season will be different for The Cambridges. For example, they may be travelling or surrounded by different friends and family to usual."

Kate to face 'uncomfortable times' this year

"Kate’s chart shows that her 40th year from January to December 2022 will be one of the more uncomfortable times of her life. She’s coming off a successful year in 2021 and needs to consider her next moves wisely. 2022 shows as a seven personal year and challenge time for her. These next 12 months highlight her crown chakra, which is about a person’s faith, self-respect and spirituality, especially their sense of ‘all-oneness’ (as opposed to aloneness).

Although she also starts the year well, there is a learning opportunity in February, which brings her back to square one. March looks like a time of confusion, however she recovers her poise by April and May, when her creative side will be on show.

kate middleton
2022 is set to be an 'uncomfortable year' for Kate, according to Sarah. Photo: Getty

Despite self-doubt in June, she pulls off a victory in July which brings satisfaction over August and September. October is a time for a life review, which will give her a clearer mindset by November and December. She’s smarter and funnier than some people realise. I believe that we will see more of that side of her in the years to come.

I see Kate upgrading her research, writing, and teaching skills this year, through real-life experiences and training. Although it can be hard for her to give and receive feedback (she is sensitive to criticism), she will be proud of her efforts in the years to come. Ideally, she will seek more solitude in 2022 so she can go off the radar and recoup her energy. She needs to pace herself given the increase in duties coming her way."

You can discover your own life path and 2022 numerology forecast on Sarah’s site.

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