Prince Louis' heartbreaking question after Queen's death

Prince Louis' devastating words after the Queen's death have been revealed as the young royal tries to make sense of the history-making moment.

His mother Kate Middleton had spoken to Australia's Governor-General David Hurley at Buckingham Palace on Saturday, and he has since revealed how she said the children were coping.

In a clip shared by Channel Nine, the Governor-General said Prince George was "now realising how important his great-grandmother was" while Louis, 4, was asking questions about "playing games".

"The younger one is sort of asking questions like, 'Oh does that mean we can still play these games when we go to Balmoral and things like that, cause she's not going to be there?'" Hurley said.

Prince Louis grabs Kate Middleton's head.
Kate Middleton has spoken about how Prince Louis is coming to terms with the Queen's death. Source: Getty

It comes after Kate told mourners during a walkabout in Windsor Louis said, "At least grannie is with great-grandpa now".

It is believed Louis will not be attending the funeral, however, George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, will walk behind their great-grandmother's coffin.

'Cruel': Move to feature children in Queen's service slammed

The move to feature the children in the service, which is expected to be the most watched TV event in history with a predicted 4.1 billion viewers, has upset many online.


“That’s cruel,” one person Tweeted. “They’re far too young to be there, let alone involved.”

For many, the prospect of the children being included in the Queen’s funeral procession incites images of a young Prince William and Prince Harry walking behind their mother’s coffin as it moved through the streets of London following Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997.

“So [after] the trauma William felt at 15 years old and still discusses, he’s allowing his nine and seven-year-old children to experience the same thing?” another said.

But according to experts, it could help the young royals with the grieving process.

Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte in a carriage waving.
Prince Louis (middle) will not be involved in the funeral while Prince George and Princess Charlotte will walk behind the Queen's coffin. Source: Getty

“The literature is clear that if children are well prepared for a funeral, they know what to anticipate and what to expect, and they have a lot of support around them, they are okay with attending a funeral,” Professor of Psychiatry at the University of NSW, Susan Rees, told Yahoo News Australia.

Dr Cindy McCreery, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Sydney, said the children’s participation would also be a significant moment for the royal family going forward.

“It’s important I think for Charles and William, and indeed George, as the current monarch, the heir to the throne and then the next heir, that that kind of visible line of succession is seen by the world," Dr McCreery said.

“It's really important for Charles coming to the throne that he has the world’s support and that there is a sense of continuity after what has been this record-breaking reign of his mother.

“I think having George there will further help him to consolidate his authority but it will also add a human touch. I think there'll be great interest and empathy for George and his sister Charlotte as they walk up behind their parents at Westminster Abbey.”

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