Prince Harry appears in surprising new video: 'A bit nervous'

"He really is so inspiring."

Prince Harry has appeared in a surprising new video ahead of the next Invictus Games, which are set to take place in Germany.

The Duke of Sussex is currently in Asia to attend a charity polo tour with his friend Ignacios ‘Nacho’ Figueras, with the Games set to kick off in Dusseldorf next month.

Prince Harry in Invictus Games video
Prince Harry has appeared in a surprising new video ahead of the next Invictus Games in Germany. Photo: Twitter/invictusgamesNG

In the video, which Harry pre-recorded in his Montecito home for the Invictus Nigeria team, he shared his excitement and nerves ahead of the event, which brings together injured and sick veterans and servicemen and women from around the globe to compete in different sports.

"I hope you are excited and probably a bit nervous. I’m both," he shared in his message to participants. "But I can’t wait to see all of you and have the whole community together once again. It’s been too long."


Harry continued, "You’re all on different parts of your healing journey... We all are – we always will be. But I can assure you that this experience that you're going to have will hopefully be life-changing, and you'll come out of it a better person, for sure."

He added, "Good luck for the remaining few weeks, have fun, look forward to it. Being nervous is a good thing. We have 21 nations this year and can’t wait to have every continent represented. Except Antarctica – but still working on that.

"Thank you for your service, thank you for your commitment, your determination in getting to this point. We are going to have a lot of fun and I can't wait to have all of you together, yeah, look forward to it. These last few weeks, those last few days will be exciting and nervous, but we're ready. We’re ready to host you. It’s going to be the best games ever, the best games yet."

Fans shared their support for Harry and the Games, with one user writing, "It's lovely to see you smile. I hope it goes so well for everyone."

"Can't wait, bless you Prince Harry," another added.

"You do so much for veterans by both your example and your actions," a third added. "As the mother of a US veteran you are so appreciated for sharing your journey and helping us understand how resilient this community of amazing human beings really is."

"Damn. He really is so inspiring," someone else wrote. "You can just hear the excitement and passion in his voice for Invictus. We love you Prince Harry! I can't wait for the games!"

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