Real reason behind royals' public Meghan Markle snub revealed

It comes after the Queen implemented a new rule before her death last year.

Meghan Markle celebrated her 42nd birthday last Friday, with the royal family choosing not to acknowledge it – at least publicly.

There were no messages from King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William or Princess Kate on the day, with Meghan celebrating her birthday with a 'toned down' dinner party with her husband Prince Harry.

Royal family
A rule the late Queen Elizabeth II implemented before her death is the reason behind Meghan's recent snub by the royal family. Photo: Getty

However, it seems that the lack of public messages is down to a rule implemented by the late Queen Elizabeth II before her death.

An expert told Evoke, the new 'rule' is that the royal family will not share public birthday greetings unless it's a 'special' birthday.


The late Queen reportedly made the decision, which states that non-working royals like Harry and Meghan will not get a public birthday message unless their age ends in a zero, before she passed away in 2022. This means it's likely we won't know if the royal family was indeed snubbing Meghan until 2031, when she turns 50.

"There's a suggestion that [Queen Elizabeth] decided that the royal website, Twitter, and Instagram will no longer send birthday greetings out to any non-working members of the royal family unless their birthday ends in a zero," former royal correspondent Charles Rae told GB News.

King Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
While King Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared birthday messages for Meghan last year, they did not this year. Photo: Getty

Princess Eugenie's birthday was also not celebrated on social media due to the new rule, and Princess Beatrice also didn't receive a post last year.

While Buckingham Palace didn't post for Meghan's birthday last year, William and Kate shared a message that read, "Wishing a happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex!"

Charles and Camilla also shared their own message that read, "Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Sussex!"

It comes after Angela Levin told The Sun that William and Kate are 'fed up' of Meghan and shouldn't have to send her birthday wishes.

"They could say something that has no emotion and no love - very very basic," she said. "They don't want to give Meghan an opportunity to be nasty and for the Sussexes squad to be vile because they will attack them back.

"But why should they after how Harry and Meghan have acted."

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