Prince Harry's 'ambushes' took a 'toll' on frail Queen's health

An insider claims that Prince Harry's actions "absolutely" contributed to the monarch's health issues.

An insider has claimed that Prince Harry’s “constant ambushing” of the royal family “had an impact” on the late Queen Elizabeth II’s frail health. The Duke of Sussex has aimed numerous allegations towards the royal family in television interviews, with insiders saying it 'took a toll' on the monarch before her death.

Although Harry maintains his affection for his grandmother, The Telegraph reports that his “almost weekly” attacks caused great suffering for the 96-year-old.

The Queen and Prince Harry at an event
Insiders have revealed the 'toll' Prince Harry's actions took on the late Queen. Photo: Getty

“This did have an impact on the Queen’s health in her final year. It did take its toll,” a friend of the late Queen told the publication.

“She never wanted to deal with confrontation, even going as far back as the start of Prince Andrew’s troubles, and this stuff was shoved in her face on an almost weekly basis,” the source continued.


The Queen was also aware that her “much-loved” grandson’s long-awaited memoir, Spare, would include even more harmful allegations.

“It had an impact. She had lost Prince Philip, and then the constant ambushing of the royal family by a much-loved grandson did take its toll. At that stage in your life and your reign, you just don’t need that on top of everything else.”

Another source echoed the sentiment, saying that Harry and Meghan’s campaign “absolutely” added to the Queen’s failing health.

Cover of Prince Harry's memoir Spare
Prince Harry's explosive memoir was released early in Spain on Friday. Photo: Penguin Random House

The Queen would have been 'devastated' by Harry's memoir

Harry is seemingly laying everything on the table with his new book, with one insider claiming the Queen 'would have been devastated' by the headlines.

Some of the bombshells include Harry revealing he and his brother Prince William came to blows in a fight over Meghan, as well as claims Harry begged his father, King Charles, not to marry his wife, Camilla and that William and Kate Middleton convinced the Duke to wear the infamous Nazi costume in 2005.

According to Daily Mail, while some people from Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace expressed sympathy for Harry, given the loss of his mother at a young age, many others see it as a betrayal of his family, just four months after the Queen's passing.


An insider, who reportedly knew the Queen well, said they felt "almost comforted" that she wasn't alive to see what her grandson had done.

"Her Majesty would have been devastated," they said, especially as the memoir was more explosive than they could have anticipated.

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