Pregnant woman's fury at mother-in-law's note: 'How dare she'

A furious pregnant woman has taken to the internet to ask for advice over a note her mother-in-law left on her baby gift registry.

The woman took to Reddit to ask for help in addressing the situation, saying she is “fuming” and “in rage”.

Young pregnant woman suffering from backache
A pregnant woman has been left surious over a note her mother-in-law wrote on her gift registry. Photo: Getty Images

Going on to explain, the woman said her anger is coming from what her mother-in-law wrote in the note.

“She directed the note to her grandchild and signed it ‘Love Mama and Papa’,” the woman wrote.

“How dare she overstep her bounds and even fantasize that my child would ever call anyone but me and my husband any form of mom and dad.”


The woman explained that she grew up Italian and called her parents mama and papa.

“To clarify, I asked my husband what they refer to themselves as to him and what he called them, and it was always mom and dad. So this mama and papa thing is definitely directed to my baby and I can’t believe she would even dare try, and basically stress me out,” she continued.

 pregnant woman admiring gifts at baby shower
People told the woman to put her foot down and ask her mother-in-law to choose another name. Photo: Getty Images

She went on to say that she’s “fully aware some cultures use mama and papa for grandma and grandpa, and that’s totally fine” but stressed he mother-in-law’s intentions are “pure evil” and has no relationship with them as it is.

“What do I do? Should I call her and put my foot down. My husband is horrible at confronting his mom, she just cries at every confrontation,” she said.

“Girl I want to rage with you!!! I feel your anger. My MIL spells her name as “mommaw”... like bit**, that’s NOT how you spell it. It’s mawmaw. She wants to be mommy SO badly. I’d definitely confront her because that’s just weird,” one person said.

“I find her note disturbing on oh so many levels,” another person wrote.

Others said her husband should be the one to address the situation with his parents and ask them to choose a different title.

Another person even penned a note she should send back to her mother-in-law, saying: “Just a quick reminder that you guys will be grandma and grandpa, not mama and papa. Thanks for the gift!”

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