Groom kicks sisters out of wedding for breaking 'child-free' rule

A groom kicked his three sisters out of his wedding after they ignored his ‘child-free’ rule and brought their kids along on the day anyway.

Taking to Reddit, the groom explained that two weeks ago, he tied the knot in what was supposed to be an adults only wedding.

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A groom kicked his sisters out of his wedding after they showed up with their kids. Photo: Getty Images

Along with the bride, they let everyone on both sides know well in advance and while he says his mother wasn’t happy with the plan to leave her grandchildren out of the day, he “stood his ground and they agreed to not bring kids”.

Fast-forward to the wedding day and things seemed to be going swimmingly, with no kids in sight.

However, things took a turn when the groom saw two of his sisters coming towards the ceremony with their children in tow.

“I immediately went to ask what's the deal. They began arguing with me when I said I won't be letting them in with the kids,” he said.


Next thing, the groom looked around and saw his eldest sister with her kids in the car, which infuriated him.

“My mom started yelling at me when I told my sisters they weren't allowed in with the kids. Everyone was yelling at me. I had to get the security involved to make them leave. My parents and aunt left shortly after,” he explained.

Days after the wedding the groom said he tried to explain to his sisters why it was such a big deal that they ignored his wishes and brought their children along on the day.

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The couple had a strict child-free policy at their wedding. Photo: Getty Images

“I asked If I allowed my sisters with their kids what message does that send to my in-laws and friends who wanted to bring kids but they couldn't? My sisters argued with me and it turned out my mom told them to bring their kids and she'd deal with me later,” he wrote.

The groom's mother said she had wanted to celebrate the day as a family, and told her son that he ruined his own wedding by “making a scene”.

“They said the only way to fix it is to have another wedding/party and include everyone, especially kids- I called them unreasonable. I asked mom where she got the nerve to even demand that?. They blamed my wife and claimed it was deliberate,” he said.

People immediately sided with the groom in the comments section, with one person saying: “DO NOT throw that second party, because it'll only send the message that you were wrong and they were right and you shouldn't have held a child-free wedding.”

Another person agreed, writing: “DO throw a second party. At the second party don't invite mother or sisters. If you want to, invite their kids with the condition they (mom and sisters) are still not invited.”

Others had their own stories of people ignoring the child-free wedding rule, with one woman writing: “I had a no kids rule at my wedding because it was a small wedding and we were paying per head. My first cousin blatantly ignored the rule and brought all three in tow. Other guests got around it by having one of the adults in the family not coming and bringing the kid instead - which I didn’t mind too much because it was still a head we had paid and catered for. But it was the complete lack of respect for me, acting like it was THEIR right to bring their kids.”

While some people commented saying that their mother is the real problem here and has ‘no respect’ for her son and his wife.

“It was your mother who overstepped boundaries and acted as though she could give that permission,” one person wrote.

“To be extra clear: THEY ruined your wedding but completely disregarding your wishes. Your mother intentionally sabotaged your wedding and your sisters went along with it,: another person wrote.

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