Mum hits back at stranger’s 'nasty' note over pram car spot

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A mum has hit back after receiving a ‘nasty’ handwritten note on her car that accused her of parking in a family parking space despite appearing to have neither a baby nor a pram.

As it turns out, the woman who discovered the explicit message was mother-of-three Zena from Campbelltown, NSW, who had dropped her husband and kids at the shopping centre entrance before parking the car alone.

Family parking space with graphic of man, woman and a pram
A mother has received a 'nasty' note after parking in a family parking space. Photo: Getty Images.

“YOU SHOULD NOT PARK HERE,” read the anonymous note written on a serviette in capital letters.


Zena tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she not only has a one-year-old baby but a double pram and two car seats at that.

“Yes I’m a mother of three and my youngest baby is only one year old! Yes I have a double pram in my car, yes I have two baby car seats in my car,” she says.


Mum hits back at stranger’s 'nasty' note over pram car spot. Photo: Zena Hussein.
"You should not park here," the note stated in capital letters. Photo: supplied.

Zena is urging others to resist jumping to conclusions when it came to judging others on appearances; “People are so nasty and quick to judge,” she says.

“Point is don’t jump to conclusions if you didn’t see me push a pram or hold a baby as I dropped my husband off at the entrance with the kids (my baby was unsettled in the car) while I went along and found a car spot.

“I hope next time whoever wrote this note gets there facts right before they judge anyone.”

The NRMA states that parking spots designated for families with children and prams are not enforceable by law and are instead ‘provided by the owners of car parks as a courtesy’.

“However, just because you can’t be punished by the law for parking in these spots, it’s not okay for people who don’t need them to use them. It boils down to respect for others and basic civic duty.”

Zena has been contacted for comment.

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