Platinum Jubilee: Kate Middleton blasted over Louis' wild behaviour

Kate Middleton has been called out online for her parenting skills after her youngest son, Prince Louis, stole the show with his wild behaviour during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations over the weekend.

From pulling faces on the Buckingham Palace balcony to jumping on his chair in the royal box, the four-year-old royal made headlines around the world with his unpredictable antics.

Prince Louis shushing his mother Kate Middleton.
Kate Middleton’s parenting skills have been criticised after Prince Louis’ behaviour during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Photo: Getty

Viewers quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on the animated display, with many people making memes of Louis shushing his mother or making exaggerated facial expressions.

However, not everyone was impressed with his behaviour and the way Kate seemed to handle the situation.

“At what point do we go from ‘wow, what a relatable toddler moment’ to ‘wow, you have no control of your children?’ Because that video is [cringe emoji],” one person tweeted.


“I just think an expert [in] early years would have a better understanding of which events your 4-year-old could handle and which events he can’t. And maybe an understanding of how to control them a bit in public. There’s a whole gap between robotic and straight-up badly behaved.

“And to be clear - I’m criticising the parents here. I’m not making fun of a child or picking on a child or whatever nonsense anyone is gonna say.”

“What’s cute now isn’t cute as a teen. Parents have a short window to create the parent-child bond,” another added, followed by a third who said, “I bet he wouldn't act like this towards the nannies who actually raise him!”.

Prince Louis dancing next to his mother Kate Middleton.
Social media users were divided over Louis’ wild antics. Photo: Getty


Some users also compared the public’s reaction to Kate’s parenting skills to that of her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle.

“I remember a certain woman’s parenting was called into question because of how she held her baby. But people want to say this doesn't say anything about this woman’s,” one replied.

“Prince Louis is being a little brat. Which four-year-olds sometimes are. But if this was Meghan and her son, the response would be unrelenting. The British press and trolls would go on about this for a YEAR,” someone else remarked.

“This is exactly why Meghan and Harry don’t want to make their children available for public consumption. Can you imagine the response if Archie did this? Children should not go through this,” a different user shared.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of royal fans who applauded Louis’ entertaining conduct, calling him “the gift that keeps on giving”.

“Prince Louis being iconic as always,” one person wrote, while someone else said, ”Prince Louis deserves his own meme section! I can’t with how expressive his face is!”.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that this is Prince Louis’ world and we’re all living in it!” another declared.

Prince Louis pulling a funny face.
‘Prince Louis being iconic as always.’ Photo: Getty

Hidden detail in Prince Louis’ outfit

As well as his hilarious behaviour, royal fans recently praised Prince Louis for his memorable outfit while watching the RAF flypast on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

It didn’t take long for viewers to note that Louis was wearing the same blue sailor suit that his father wore 37 years ago.

Prince William wore the outfit to the 1985 Trooping the Colour Parade when he was just two years old, standing on the same balcony alongside his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Louis showed off his vintage outfit as he joined his siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, in their Trooping the Colour carriage debut.

The trio of children all wore coordinated outfits, with George in a navy suit with a blue tie and Charlotte in a blue dress with a cute bow on the neckline.

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