'Absolute venom': Piers Morgan's 'obsession' with Meghan laid bare

Social media has exploded after Piers Morgan's on-air dummy spit this week, with many people calling out the host's 'obsession' of Meghan Markle, ever since she and Harry went public with their relationship.

The controversial media personality announced he would be quitting Good Morning Britain, after he stormed off set because co-host Alex Beresford condemned him 'trashing' Meghan for years, but particularly in the wake of her and Prince Harry's explosive interview with Oprah.

piers morgan
Piers Morgan has quit Good Morning Britian. Photo: ITV

One Twitter user shared a collection of columns Piers Morgan has written about the Sussexes over the past few years for the Daily Mail.

She called out the "sheer number of articles" as well as "the malevolence and absolute venom behind them".

Here are just some of the headlines that were used:

a collection of piers morgan columns for daily mail.
Many of Piers Morgan's columns for The Daily Mail. Photo: Twitter

It didn't take long for the original tweeter to follow up with another post revealing she had been promptly blocked by Piers.


But her post none-the-less went viral.

"Then add in the near-constant tweets and comments. It's ... creepy to a disturbing degree. He is utterly fixated on her," one person agreed.

While another called it an "Unhealthy obsession".

Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex and Duchess Meghan of Sussex
Harry and Meghan stepped back as senior royals in 2019. Photo: Getty

Lisa Wilkinson was another who slammed Piers Morgan online following his continued criticism of Meghan Markle, also taking to Twitter to share another photo of a number of Piers' columns, writing "Years of abuse, right up to and including the day Meghan tells the world that ongoing abuse has made her suicidal.

"It’s what happens when a strong woman rejects a powerful man. For the record, Meghan has never responded to any of it."

Co-host says Piers not slamming Harry as much as Meghan

And his co-host Alex Beresford had already shared a similar sentiment last week, as he called out Piers for not naming Prince Harry as much as Meghan in his ongoing criticism of the Sussexes.

In a Twitter spat between the now former colleagues, Alex claimed Piers was not aiming the same level of vitriol at the Duke.

Alex Beresford calls out piers morgan on gmb
Alex Beresford hasn't been shy calling Piers out on TV and online. Photo: ITV

He tweeted: "So sorry your Andrew tweets must be buried under all the Meghan ones! And it’s Harry and Meghan..."

The row originally erupted after Piers wrote: "I think it’s maybe time to ban our Princes from marrying American women."

To which Alex responded: "You ever stop and think maybe you should give this woman carrying a baby a break?"

Piers replied: "You mean like she’s giving a 94yr-old woman a break as her husband lies in hospital?"

Alex then said: "I reckon Andrew has given her a harder time...but yeah let’s get back to Meghan..."

Piers blames Meghan for 'ghosting him'

It's been reported many times that Piers' apparent dislike of Meghan all stems from the fact that she apparently 'ghosted' him five years ago when they first met.

According to The Independent, he went for a drink with Meghan the night before she met Harry, where she decided she didn't want to associate with Piers anymore.

And then let's not forget he also wasn't invited to Harry and Meghan's royal wedding.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding.
Piers was not invited to Harry and Meghan's royal wedding. Photo: Getty

In an opinion piece this week, the same publication also called out the fact that Piers has regularly referred to Meghan as a 'ruthless social climber', when he himself raved about his growing stardom near 20 years ago.

“I became the Friend of the Stars, a rampant egomaniac, pictured all the time with famous people – Madonna, Stallone, Bowie, Paul McCartney, hundreds of them,” he boasted of his early career in showbiz reporting in and interview with The Independent at the time.

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