How well an air purifier worked in a house with pets

Kristine Tarbert
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We tried the Philips Air Purifier. Photo: Philips

I live in a house with two dogs that shed twice a year for six months at a time, add to that a train line across the way, and the edge of the bush at the end of my street, making the dust and dirt in the air at my house is generally pretty visible.

But I have never tested the air quality in my house. Something a huge 90 per cent of Australians have actually never done, according to recent research commissioned by PureProfile on behalf of Philips.

It also revealed that over 70 per cent of Aussies don’t priorities their air when spring cleaning, with almost a third feeling that dusting is more important than cleaning the air.

So when I got the opportunity to test out the Philips Air Purifier Series 2000 I was curious and terrified at the same time.

Its slogan is ‘breath the difference’ with the device claiming to remove 99.97 per cent of airborne allergens such as pollen, pet dander and dust mite.

I used the one for small rooms (up to 79m2) which covered my main living area - where the dogs spend a lot of their time. It was super easy to set up - just make sure the filter is installed correctly, plug in, and turn on. There are three settings to choose from - I went with the Pet/Allergy option and off it went.

The device has a number that gives you instant feedback on your air quality - under 12 being good, over 55 being very poor.

It was great to have the instant answer to my air quality questions, but when I maxed the machine out at 250 (!!!) I was worried maybe my house was in fact too much to handle.

Help. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

However after a week of using it I discovered it actually did the trick.

My air quality was the worst when the dogs were inside (not surprising) and on hot days when we’ve had the windows closed. It also went up when I was cooking which was a little surprising. When everyone was sitting still though it didn’t take long for the machine to do its magic and improve the air we were breathing within as little as 30 minutes.

We actually ended up getting that magical number down to 3 or 4 and things just felt a little less stuffy.

Finally - good air quality. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

After a week of using the machine - we had it on every afternoon once we got home from work but not overnight - I noticed a difference in the dust that had settled on some of the surfaces around the lounge room as well.

The before and after photos show how much less there was to be wiped off the top of the TV and the fireplace, so that was an added benefit.

Before and after on the TV. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle
Before and after on the fireplace. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

At nearly $530 the machine doesn’t come cheap, but I’ve been using it ever since (we’ve now moved it to the bedroom to see if it helps there) and am keen to continue to know what the air quality is like in my home.

Of course if that is too much money to spend there are also smaller versions available that can still make a difference:

PHILIPS - AC1215/70 - AIR PURIFIER - $329, Bing Lee

Photo: Bing Lee

Cli-Mate H12 HEPA Air Purification System CLI-AP20 - $149,


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