People Are Thirsting Over Mark Zuckerberg's "Fake" Beard And His Silver Chain Swagger

People Are Thirsting Over Mark Zuckerberg's "Fake" Beard And His Silver Chain Swagger

Mark Zuckerberg is all over the X (formerly Twitter) timeline, and it's not for a reason, you might think.

Mark Zuckerberg in a suit waves while walking
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On Thursday, the Meta CEO announced that it's releasing a new version of Meta AI, an assistant that can be used with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

Mark smiling as he sits in a crowd
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But, instead of being focusing on the company's latest innovations, people were hyper-focused on his snazzy jewelry.

People insisted Mark's chain was a whole "vibe."

A person commented, "the chain is a vibe"

They're loving the "big chain energy."

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Some people even joked about the connection between Mark's swagger and Meta's AI.

A social media comment reads, "Went from steal my data, to steal my wife and kids"
Another comment says, "drip goes hard af. did meta ai recommend this fit?"

It's wild enough that people are talking about his chain, but someone took it a step further and edited a fake beard on Mark's face and the real thirst went viral.

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"The gay commenting 'I'd zuck him' all over my TL are so unserious 😭 but I see it," one person said.

Twitter: @migsb_OF

A few people were really, really into it.

Twitter: @swiftie3435

They want Mark to consider growing the facial hair for real-for real.

Comment on social media post reads, "Bro, grow your beard," with over three thousand likes
You gotta get the beard for real

Other people were upset to find out it wasn't a real beard.

Twitter: @ECHOESmirrors

"The glow-up is fake!?!? Can't trust y'all anymore for anything smh," this person wrote.

Twitter: @MiniMinaStreams

Another person made a hilarious comparison to Chet Hanks, Tom Hanks' son, who went viral in the past for his hilariously questionable antics.

Twitter: @Milo_Edwards

"His Louisana Creole side is show owt!!!" another person wrote.

Twitter: @MuvaNisie

This person said, "You vs the guys she doesn't want you to know about."

Twitter: @NINEEEv

Another person joked this is what happens after listening to Jack Harlow's music once.

Twitter: @shidcoins

Either way, it's all folks are talking about besides Taylor Swift's new album.

Nickelodeon/Twitter: @cursedkief

I'm not going to lie, I'm a big fan of Mark Zuckerbeard, and hopefully, he considers this new look for real.