Passenger's 'vile' act on plane slammed: 'Absolutely disgusting'

A passenger has shared a photo of a woman’s ‘vile’ act while they were on a plane together.

Taking to the popular online forum Reddit, they shared that their seat neighbour decided to use her tray table as a footrest.

L: Interior of a plane with passengers seated. R: Photo shared on Reddit showing a woman's bare foot on a plane footrest
A woman has been slammed for her selfish act on a plane. Photo: Getty & Reddit

The photo shows a woman’s bare foot resting on her tray table while her hand rests on her dirty heel.

“This person sitting next to me on an airplane,” they captioned the image.

The traveller elaborated on the situation in the comments, saying that they didn’t want to confront their seatmate in case it became awkward.

“I was going to say something but I valued a non-awkward flight over my own personal comfort. The flight attendant came by and said something, saw the look on my face and brought me a free drink!” they wrote.

“After the flight attendant came by she was totally fine. Honestly, she seemed a little embarrassed when the FA asked her to take it down.”


People were horrified by the woman’s actions, with one asking if she was ‘peeling’ skin off her foot.

“There was no peeling going on thank goodness…I would have lost it if there were foot skin flakes blowing around. She was just resting it there, didn’t seem comfortable to me,” the original poster replied.

The passenger also added that it wasn’t the lighting that made the woman’s foot seem dirty, saying that her foot was extremely ‘gross’ in person.

The majority of Reddit users were on the passenger’s side, with many condemning the woman’s ‘absolutely disgusting’ act.

“Absolutely f**king not. My dry heaving would scare the owner of that crusty paw to place it quickly back in its shoe, on the ground,” one outraged user wrote.

“Look. I get that lady wanting to put her foot up. I really do. I struggle to sit normal especially if I’m sitting for a long time, like on a plane. But if you’re in public next to someone you don’t know it is gross and inappropriate to put your whole ass BARE foot on the FOOD tray,” another pointed out.

“People don't know how to act anymore. Every day I see more and more entitled, inconsiderate and just downright mean people and it saddens me. It also just makes me bitchiest in return too, which I hate,” a third chimed in.

“Absolutely vile. The reason why I clean everything with alcohol wipes when travelling,” added another.

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