Parents lose it over DIY travel activity book hack: 'Perfect for our 10-hour flight'

Parents can't get enough of this simple DIY hack for travelling with kids

Finding innovative ways to keep little ones occupied and entertained during lengthy travel journeys can be a constant battle. However, a UK mum has recently taken the internet by storm by sharing her ingenious DIY activity book hack that promises to be a game-changer for parents on the go.

Sophie Hinchliffe, known on Instagram as @mrshinchhome, has won widespread praise for her brilliant, are-we-there-yet-proof, homemade activity books, tailored specifically for her own sons. Now, parents everywhere are being wowed by the simple idea that will revolutionise travel entertainment for little hands.

The DIY activity book includes simple kids toys to keep them busy. Photo: Instagram/@mrshinechhome
The DIY activity book includes pens, blocks and toys in zipped ring binder pockets. Photo: Instagram/@mrshinechhome

Sharing an Instagram reel of the supplies she used to bring her DIY activity books to life, Sophie demonstrated how she put it all together.

The key component of the book's structure was the zipped ring binder pockets purchased from Amazon. To assemble the book, Sophie ingeniously connected these pockets using circular binder connectors, enabling them to flip open just like the pages of a book. The clever pockets formed the foundation of the activity books, allowing for easy organisation and access to various materials and toys.


Continuing her demonstration, Sophie showcased the assortment of items she had filled the pockets with to keep little hands engaged and occupied, all purchased cheaply online from Amazon.

She added colourful fidget toys, reusable scribble mats accompanied by pens that allowed kids to draw, erase, and start over again.

Sophie shared the contents of each zipped pocket, which included toy locks and calculators. Photo: Instagram/@mrshinchhome
Sophie shared the contents of each zipped pocket, which included toy locks and calculators. Photo: Instagram/@mrshinchhome
DIY Acitivty books Photo: instagram
The pockets included building blocks and fidget toys with suction cups for car or aeroplane windows. Photo: Instagram/@sophiehinchhome

Lego pieces were included in the next pocket for stacking and building, while a cheap calculator and flash cards enhanced learning opportunities for little ones.

Sophie's attention to detail extended to toy locks with keys, and matchbox sized cars, perfect for fiddling and honing fine motor skills. Each item carefully chosen aimed to engage young minds and ensure hours of entertainment during travel or on the go.

The reel racked up thousands of comments, with an overwhelming amount of impressed parents expressing their desire to create similar activity books for their own children.

"Perfect for travel or out for tea, what a good idea!" exclaimed one person, while another chimed in, "How cute are these?"

The practicality of the concept was not lost on the audience, as one individual eagerly exclaimed, "Perfect idea for our 10-hour flight."

"Love your creativity - so inspiring to others," said another impressed follower, before someone else joked, "Bloody love this! We need one for snacks!"

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