Kmart shoppers go wild for shower caddy hack: 'Absolutely brilliant'

Kmart shoppers just can't get enough of this clever trick.

Kmart shoppers are totally obsessing over a new viral space-saving hack that uses the budget retailer's $17 shower caddy. One person shared the idea to a popular Kmart decor hacking group on Facebook before hundreds of other group members dived in and replicated the storage-saving hack too.

“Whoop! The $17 Kmart basket. $20 plank of wood from Bunnings. Used kitchen timber oil to seal it (food grade). Loving it!!!” one person shared, while another added, "Had to try the kmart floor caddy hack in the pantry today…perfect for this space".

Kitchen storage made from Kmart shower caddies
The clever hack turns the shower caddies into classy kitchen storage

How to do it

The idea has really taken off, with home DIY fans dubbing it “one of the best hacks” they’ve seen. The hack involves using two Kmart shower caddies to create a makeshift shelving unit, with extra storage on the side in the form of baskets.

Timber planks from Bunnings or alternatively, Kmart serving boards, are then used as shelving between each of the caddies holding the unit together.

The easy-to-do hack has inspired Aussies to set it up in rooms all over the house too. So far, Kmart fans have shared photos of them in their kitchens, pantry cupboards and even back in the bathroom where they were originally intended.

Kmart Caddy, left, next to a Kmart chopping board
The hack uses cuts of wood from Bunnings or Kmart chopping boards as makeshift shelves

“This is everywhere now hahaha I love seeing people’s setups,” one person commented on the trend. “I love this! A true hack,” another echoed.


The shelving unit is being used to store everything from appliances to groceries and even towels and cosmetics, creating a designated space for everything in a room. Some people even took the time to cut the handles off the top of the caddy to create a smoother streamlined finish.

Makeshift shelves used in various spaces
The shelving unit is being used to store everything from appliances to groceries

Kmart shoppers get creative

The hack is so popular that there is currently limited to no stock available online and in stores as shoppers rush to try the hack out for themselves. However, one lucky shopper did manage to find some and stunned even further, creating a stunning cocktail bar from the makeshift shelves.

Shelf caddy cocktail bar
One creative hacker made this cocktail bar from the makeshift shelves

The trends seems to be picking up steam overseas too, with New Zealand shoppers saying the products have been sold out for “weeks” thanks to the viral trend.

“This went crazy in NZ a few weeks ago couldn't buy them anywhere or online,” one said.

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