Mum's packing hack makes travelling with kids a breeze: 'So smart'

Minimise stress on your next family holiday with this clever idea.

Travelling with youngsters can be hard work, but one mum says her hack will "change your life" after mastering the art of packing for her 11-month-old daughter and four-year-old son.

"I bought a two-pack of these over-the-door organisers off Amazon," TikToker Jade O'Neal explained in a video as she selected outfits for each day of a trip.

Using a shoe organiser, Jade dedicated each section to one day's worth of outfits, even including her baby's nappy and accessories for the day.

Stills from TikTok video showing Jade O'Neal's travel packing hack
A mum of two demonstrated how she packs for her young children using a shoe organiser. Photo: TikTok/@jade.oneal

The 24-slot organiser perfectly fit each outfit and conveniently hung over a door as she packed it. Once it was all done, she placed it straight into a suitcase. Fitting into one side of the suitcase, the whole thing could be pulled out and hung over a door once they arrived at their hotel.


"I will pack my 4-year-old's outfits the same way for a quick grab-and-go outfit and beach options on vacation," she wrote. "This really helps to not dig in a suitcase the whole trip and have everything ready to go. And as a bonus, anyone can grab an outfit."

She went on to add that she dedicated three rows to outfits, one row to swimming costumes, one row to pyjamas and the last row to nappies, wipes and extra clothes.

Stills from TikTok video showing Jade O'Neal's travel packing hack
Fellow mums said the hack is one of the best they've seen for travelling with kids. Photo: TikTok/@jade.oneal

The "genius" hack has been saved more than 40,000 times and has generated over 185,000 likes. "Wow this is so smart," one person gushed of her idea. "Wow! This is like life-changing!" stated someone else. Another viewer labelled the idea the "best hack so far for travelling".

People who don't travel with children also loved the idea. "I need that for myself! My bag is always a mess when I get to my destination," one viewer responded. "OK I am soooo doing this! Not just for baby but also me," added another.

Stills from TikTok video showing Jade O'Neal's travel packing hack
The shoe organiser fits perfectly into one side of a suitcase and can be hung over a door for easy access. Photo: TikTok/@jade.oneal

However, some sceptics wondered whether the organiser would taking up too much space, suggesting packing cubes offered a better solution. "Looks like a lot of extra weight. Good idea if not flying. Packing cubes are still so handy," one person offered. "Yeah, it folds up but will it take up more space than my baby's clothes?" questioned another.

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