Parents are obsessed with this 'genius' TikTok veggie hack: 'They think it's bubblegum!'

The clever recipe turns fruits and veggies into an irresistible sweet treat.

Caption. Photo: TikTok
A TikToker’s recipe hack is helping parents win the veggie battle at dinnertime. Photo: TikTok/@taralouisesmartsavings

Ah, the age-old struggle of trying to get your kids to eat their vegetables. For many parents, it feels like a never-ending battle filled with picky eaters, turned-up noses, and creative bargaining. But what if there was a way to sneak in those nutritious veggies without the fuss? Well, TikTok has unearthed a game changer, with a brilliant hack currently doing the rounds that promises to make your kids actually ask for their fruits and veggies—without them even realising it.

TikToker Tara Louise, who regularly shares cost-saving solutions, budget-friendly meal ideas and little tips and tricks for families, has revealed her secret to sneaking extra goodness into her kids' favourite dessert.


"You want your kids to eat more fruit and vegetables, but you do not want to have yet another argument to try and get them to do it. I have come up with the easiest solution," she explains in her viral video.

Using frozen cauliflower in homemade ice cream is a clever way to sneak in extra veggies. Photo: TikTok/@taralouisesmartsavings
Using frozen cauliflower in homemade ice cream is a clever way to sneak in extra veggies. Photo: TikTok/@taralouisesmartsavings

"My kids are actually asking to have some fruit and veggies at night and they don't even realise they're having them. They think it's bubblegum ice cream, but I know better."

Tara’s approach is as straightforward as it is brilliant. "So first of all, I get my Ninja Creamy Deluxe container, I'm going to put in some dragon fruit, and slice up a banana, and just to sneakily get some veggies into my boys, I'm popping in some frozen cauliflower," she details.

After mixing the ingredients with a dash of maple syrup or honey, she freezes the mixture. The next day, she transforms it into a creamy treat.

"Now I have beautiful bright coloured bubblegum ice cream, and my boys have no idea they're actually having dragon fruit, banana, cauliflower, and a little bit of maple syrup. Look at how beautiful and rich the colour is of that; of course, they're gonna think it's bubblegum ice cream."

Tara also suggests that if you don’t have the Ninja Creamy Deluxe appliance, you can blend the mixture until smooth, freeze it in ice cube trays, and then whiz it up when frozen to achieve a thick and creamy texture.

Kids will mistake the nutrient-packed ice cream for a sweet treat. Photo: TikTok/@taralousesimplesavings
Kids will mistake the nutrient-packed ice cream for a sweet treat. Photo: TikTok/@taralousesimplesavings

Tara’s followers were quick to applaud the clever hack.

"Genius," one person wrote, while another added, "Looks awesome!" Another enthusiastic viewer shared, "I've been influenced," confessing they had immediately bought the appliance to try the recipe.

Someone else commented, "That looks yummy, so bright in colour too!"

Paediatric Nutritionist Mandy Sacher weighed in on this sneaky veggie hack, praising the idea.

"Adding fruit or vegetables to make homemade ice cream or popsicles is an excellent way to boost the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed by children, including fussy eaters," she told Yahoo Lifestyle. "There is no reason for parents to worry about any nutrient losses if the fruit or veggies they are buying are snap-frozen and stored correctly in the freezer."

Sacher also advocated for the benefits of frozen produce: "For some families, frozen fruit and vegetables are more affordable than fresh and retain their nutrients. Unfortunately, in Australia, children and adults do not meet the recommended intake of veggies, so adding them frozen to homemade ice creams, smoothies, and desserts is only beneficial."

Frozen food in the freezer. Frozen vegetables, soup, ready meals in the freezer
For some families, frozen vegetables are more affordable than fresh options. Photo: Getty

Sacher also commended the convenience factor, which is a significant advantage for busy families.

"Often considered time-consuming, the preparation of fresh fruit or veggies can deter some families from including them; frozen options provide a quick and convenient solution." She noted that frozen fruits and veggies generally offer a better texture for homemade snacks and are lower in sugar, containing no additives, making them a healthier choice compared to store-bought options.

Addressing the debate about hiding vegetables in kids' meals, Sacher advised, "Some parents question if it's appropriate to add hidden vegetables to their children's meals, and my response is that it's always good to boost every mouthful. Our kids are not aware that they are eating eggs, baking powder, salt, and flour in many meals, therefore, vegetables should be treated the same."


For parents who feel uncomfortable "tricking" their children, Sacher recommends involving them in the cooking process.

"The best solution is to cook or bake with their kids and slowly introduce them to a variety of veggies. This is the best way to increase vegetable tolerance in young children."

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