Paige Spiranac shocks fans with racy Halloween outfit: 'Holy smokes'

Paige Spiranac has shocked fans with her extremely revealing Halloween costume.

The former pro golfer turned influencer dressed up as Cammy from Street Fighter, showing off her incredible figure on Instagram.

Paige Spiranac smiling with her blonde hair to one side and cleavage on display
Paige Spiranac is no stranger to sharing revealing snaps online. Photo: Instagram/_paige.renee

Paige shared three snaps of her outfit along with a caption, telling fans: “For the Swag Golf Halloween Costume Contest I’ve dressed as Cammy from Street Fighter. I love their Street Fighter series so this was a no brainer.”

The social media personality sported Cammy’s classic red beret, high-cut green leotard and red gloves. She decided to forgo leggings and show off her long legs instead.


Paige chose to accentuate her eyes with dark eyeliner and sported a muted red lip. She wore her hair in two long, blonde braids and added a black holster on her left leg.

Paige Spiranac as Cammy from Street Fighter
The social media star shocked fans with her racy Halloween outfit. Photo: Instagram/_paige.renee

Fans were stunned by her choice of outfit and couldn’t believe how authentic her costume looked.

“You nailed Cammy exactly with the costume and hair. Looking at these photos makes me want to play Street Fighter right now,” one fan wrote.

“One of my favourite games growing up — you killed this!” added a second.

“Holy smokes. You’re just what I thought Cammy would look like. Nice costume,” another chimed in.

“A new challenger has entered,” quipped a fan.

Fans begged the influencer to turn around and share a snap of what the outfit looked like from the back, but she didn’t want Instagram to remove her photo or ‘shadow ban’ her for explicit content.

Paige Spiranac as Cammy from Street Fighter
Fans begged Paige to share what her costume looked like from behind. Photo: Instagram/_paige.renee

Others flooded the star’s post with positive comments.

“You look amazing!” a fan wrote, with another adding she looked ‘sexy’.

“Wow, absolutely killed it. So gorgeous, you look amazing,” a third wrote.

The social media star is known for having more Instagram followers than Tiger Woods and famously shares instructional golf videos in skimpy outfits.

She was named Maxim’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ in their 2022 Hot 100 list and couldn’t believe she won the title.

In an Instagram post about the ‘honour’, she told fans that she feels 'sexy' because she is 'confident' and ‘comfortable in her own skin’.

“I’ve always tried to stay true to myself throughout my unconventional path and now I’m so proud to be following so many amazing women who carried the title in years before me. Thank you again Maxim for this moment,” she wrote.

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