Influencer roasted for bikini stunt gone wrong: 'Yikes'

An influencer has been roasted online after her bikini stunt in Bali went horribly wrong.

The podcast host, Amanda Tran, was captured doing a yoga headstand on a beach while in a black swimsuit.

L: Amanda Tran smiling at the camera. R: Amanda Tran doing a headstand in a black bikini on the beach
Amanda Tran's bikini stunt didn't go as planned. Photo: Instagram/amandaletran

The pose looked serene at the start as Amanda confidently moved her legs to show off her flexibility.

However, she was soon hit by a huge wave that sent her tumbling into the sea, with the wave crashing over her head.


The video was shared on a popular influencer-shaming Instagram account with the caption reading: “This could not have gone better.”

Amanda's video has racked up over 1.2 million views and hundreds of comments.

Described by one person on social media as “a little ‘ocean waterboarding’,” many people said the stunt looked painful.

Two photos of Amanda Tran being hit by a wave while in a black bikini and falling into the sea
Amanda was showing off her yoga pose when she was hit by a wave. Photo: Instagram/amandaletran

“My nose hurts watching this,” one person wrote.

“Sinus infection loading in 3, 2, 1…” added a second.

“I felt that in my head. Oof,” another chimed in, while a third simply wrote: "Yikes."

Others couldn’t help but make fun of the influencer for her terrible planning.

“Why am I so happy when something like this happens to ‘influencers’,” a person asked.

“She obviously considered every factor,” quipped another.

“I just love watching [her] hair get ruined,” added a third.

“In her mind [it] was great,” another wrote.

Two photos of Amanda Train surrounded by foamy sea water after being dunked
People roasted the influencer for getting dunked in the sea. Photo: Instagram/amandaletran

The woman found the Instagram post and shared her side of the story, saying that it was ‘just a bit of fun’.

She is a passionate free diver that loves to share incredible underwater photos online.

“Haha guys! It’s all just a bit of fun and I just like to play like kids do,” she wrote. “I love the ocean and have no problem with sand and water everywhere. I’m also very comfortable flooding my sinuses.”

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