OnlyFans star told to leave beach over skimpy bikini: 'Old wrinkly Karen'

The 27-year-old has called out the woman who said her bikini was 'too small'.

An Australian OnlyFans star has hit back online after she was told to leave a beach because her bikini was “too small”.

Annie Knight, who claims to be in the top 0.4 per cent of creators on the adult subscription-based platform, says an “old and wrinkly” woman came up to her at Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast and told her to leave, but she refused.

OnlyFans star Annie Knight wearing a black micro bikini.
OnlyFans star Annie Knight says she was told to leave a beach because her ‘bikini was too small’. Photo: Instagram/anniekknight

The 27-year-old shared a video on TikTok detailing the incident, which has already racked up over 100,000 views.

“I just had a woman come up to me at the beach and tell me I had to leave because my bikini was too small,” she detailed.

“I can’t show this bikini because TikTok will get angry at me. It is a micro bikini but like, who cares, I’m hot.”


Annie said the woman was “the definition of a Karen” and described her as “so rude and judgemental”.

“She’s obviously just jealous because I’m young and hot and she’s old and wrinkly,” she remarked. “And honestly, if you feel uncomfortable, just move away. You don’t have to say something.

“I stayed there, I didn’t leave. I honestly made it my mission to stay there longer than her because I was like, f**k you, I’m going to stay here. You don’t own this beach, you’re not the f**king council, let me do what I want, let me f**king live.”

She added in the comments that the woman wanted her to leave because there were children around, however, Annie believes she was angry because “her husband was staring”.

OnlyFans star Annie Knight wearing a white T-shirt.
Annie says she refused to leave the beach and described the woman as ‘so rude and judgemental’. Photos: TikTok/annieknight96

'Have some respect'

Annie’s followers were clearly divided over the incident, with some people pointing out that the bikini was obviously inappropriate if she wasn’t allowed to wear it on TikTok.

“So you can’t show it on TikTok but the general public should be ok with it. Sounds reasonable,” one person commented.

“Honestly, it is awkward when you have kids around,” another added. “Especially little girls who want to emulate what they see and it isn’t age-appropriate.”

“Have some respect for the people in public,” a third wrote. “You don’t own the beach.”


However, a majority of people agreed that the other woman was simply “jealous” and Annie was right to ignore her.

“Sounds like it’s her problem, not yours,” one fan replied, followed by someone else who said, “Jealousy’s a curse”.

“She has no jurisdiction to tell you what to do in a public place. You didn’t do anything illegal,” a different user shared.

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