Influencer's bikini pole dance on family beach sparks debate

The content creator performed in a red thong bikini.

An influencer has caused controversy after completing a pole dancing routine on a Hawaiian beach. The former competitive USA gymnast sent people into a spin after a video of her was shared online.

The content creator Sarah, who goes by the name ‘sarahkoolass’ online, set up a temporary pole on the sand and twirled around with some complicated moves. She wore a red thong bikini and had her hair secured in a long braid.

L: Influencer sarahkoolass. R: Influencer sarahkoolass pole dancing on the beach with a couple in the foreground
An influencer was spotted pole dancing on a Hawaiian beach. Photo: Instagram/sarahkoolass & influencersinthewild

Two beachgoers were seen taking sneaky selfies with the gymnast while enjoying their day out. After the clip was posted on a popular Instagram account, the video racked up over 1.5 million views and hundreds of comments.

Some people were concerned by the dancer’s act.


“This is inappropriate at a beach where young kids are. I’m soooooo over people like this just thinking of THEMSELVES! Go get stuffed, do it in your own backyard!” another fired out.

“As a mum of an eight-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl…I would not want them to see this as normal while we make sand castles at the beach. Time and place y’all,” a third chimed in.

“Super talented but maybe not the greatest place to do that if [there are] kids around," another remarked.

However, hundreds of people flooded the comment section to defend Sarah’s choice, pointing out that dancers need to have bare skin to help them ‘stick’ to the pole.

“As a mom of two boys, and a pole instructor, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. She is not stripping or doing ANYTHING sexual. She is displaying strength,” a fan responded.

“I think it’s awesome that she’s basking in the sunshine, getting a workout and doing what she loves on the beach. Wish I had those moves! And it’s OK for kids to see this because there is absolutely nothing sexual about it. She’s wearing a bikini on the beach, get over it,” another added.

“So many people in this comment section have no idea how difficult pole is and it shows. this girl is STRONG and beautiful and I would have pulled up a beach towel and watched her all afternoon. Art,” a third remarked.

Two photos of influencer sarahkoolass pole dancing on the beach
Sarah often shares videos of herself mastering pole dancing routines. Photo: Instagram/sarahkoolass

The gymnastics coach addressed the debate around her beach video in a series of videos, thanking all who had stepped up to fiercely defend her.

“I have some things to say that are very important to me. There [has] been all these haters…to me it’s nothing because I guess it comes with it right, when you have a video that reaches this many people, someone [is] going to say something,” she said.


“What sticks out to me is the amount of people that know me or don’t even know me, and they reach out to these haters saying like, ‘You know it’s not like this, she’s really cool’…that really means something to me.

“You took time out of your day to make mine a little better and I’m so genuinely touched.”

She also addressed comments about the people enjoying their day on the beach while she was dancing.

“For everyone talking about that couple. I was there first. They saw me setting up the pole and they stayed. They knew it what up lol,” she said.

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