OnlyFans exposed: Secret about how stars get rich on the website

An anonymous creator has revealed the truth about making money on the X-rated platform.

In the last few years, OnlyFans has made multi-millionaires out of reality stars, influencers and celebrities all over the world as they sign up to the adult subscription-based platform.

The X-rated website became mainstream during the pandemic as public figures proudly started monetising their explicit content and placing it behind a paywall.

OnlyFans logo.
An anonymous OnlyFans creator has revealed the truth about making money on the X-rated platform. Photo: Getty

However, as more and more stars boast about their staggering OnlyFans earnings, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal all might not be what it seems.

One female creator, who recently quit the platform and asked to remain anonymous, reveals she made the most money by spending hours privately chatting with fans one-on-one.

Except she never did this, and instead had a team of people logged into her account doing it on her behalf.


“The monthly subscription fee only generates so much,” she tells us. “You make the most money by then engaging with fans one-on-one once they've subscribed, and creating custom content for them.

“You chat with them, flirt with them, ask what turns them on, what their fantasies are, really make them feel special, and then create that content for them, at a price.”

The anonymous creator, who is still a prominent influencer on Instagram, says she paid two people to run her account and spend hours talking to her subscribers pretending to be her and generating sales.

“Every couple of days they’d then send me a list of content to shoot,” she detailed. “It could be anything from a selfie with someone’s name written on my chest to a video masturbating whilst narrating someone else’s fantasy.”

She added that although this felt “like a scam” as paying fans believed they were speaking directly to her, “most of the bigger creators do this” and “all have teams running their accounts”.

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