OnlyFans star slams corporate jobs: "I feel safer from sexual harassment as a stripper"

Jenna Hill earns triple the income now and feels safer as a content creator and stripper.

For adult content creator and stripper Jenna Hill, OnlyFans was not an acceptable career path for women. Just months before leaving her corporate role to work in the adult industry, the 28-year-old told her sister-in-law who was already on the platform that she could not possibly be on OnlyFans and have kids.

But, for a mum who was not comfortable with sex work to start with, Jenna was quick to change her view after recognising the earning potential and work-life balance. With an OnlyFans active for just 14 months she now earns triple the income of her former corporate job in mining; a heavily male-dominated industry.

Jenna was initially hired as an admin manager and ended up doing the role of head of sales, committing overtime and not getting paid what her male counterpart in the actual role was earning. She was able to move up the ranks in the company, however, it always came at a cost.

During her time working for the mining company, Jenna's boss sexually harassed her which resulted in the creator experiencing severe anxiety and needing to work from home — a request which was granted if she would keep quiet

OnlyFans' Jenna Hill. Photo:
OnlyFans' Jenna Hill. Photo:


Now, Jenna is a travelling stripper and she has been travelling Australia in this line of work for the last seven months. It is something she feels incredibly safe doing regardless of what people think.

OnlyFans star feels safer from harassment as a stripper than in a corporate job

The company where she was sexually harassed requested Jenna sign an NDA to keep quiet about what happened to her. In 2023 she decided to rid herself of the toxic environment where she felt very unsafe and unheard.

"I feel safer from sexual harassment as a stripper than I did in corporate," Jenna said.

Jenna, now, with her partner of 11 years and a 7-year-old daughter, lives a comfortable life where she feels incredibly passionate about advocating for women taking ownership of their bodies.

"I don't do stripping for work. I do it for fun!" Jenna has friends in the industry and loves to go out and enjoy the night while she makes good money on her own terms- in ironically, a safer environment than her aforementioned role in the mining company.


On Jenna's best night, she made $12k from a male client who wanted to pay for her to leave the industry. "Men want to save sex workers. They think we need to be saved. This isn't the reality. It isn't a pity occupation and we are not throwing our lives away," says Jenna. "Quite the opposite!"

On OnlyFans, Jenna has full agency over who she engages with and how she is treated. Similarly in stripping where there are strict guidelines over what clients can say and do and most nights she will make $1-2k.

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