OnlyFans star kicked out of pub over 'outdated' clothing policy: 'Wild'

Naomi Tibbles was left shocked by the incident on North Stradbroke Island.

An OnlyFans star has taken to TikTok to share that she was kicked out of a beach-side pub for wearing swimwear. Naomi Tibbles revealed to her followers that she was asked to leave the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel in Queensland after security guards approached her, saying it was a "family establishment".

Naomi revealed she had taken herself to North Stradbroke Island for a treat and had been told about the pub by her hotel. She decided to walk the three kilometres to the pub in 35-degree heat and was excited to have a drink when she finally arrived.

OnlyFans star Naomi Tibbles in bikini
OnlyFans star Naomi Tibbles has taken to TikTok to reveal she was kicked out of a beach-side pub due to her outfit. Photo: Instagram/Naomi Tibbles

"I'm sweating bullets at this point like I just did about a three-kilometre walk," she says.

"I've got to do the walk back home, I'm gonna stop for a watermelon spritz!

"I'm there for about 15/20 minutes before security came up and had a talk to me. I knew that they were talking about me, because they kept watching me and radioing to each other and it was real sus, I was like, 'What the heck do they think I'm like... What do they think that I am?'"


She continued, "Turns out, he wants to have a talk about what I'm wearing. First of all, the first thing the security guard says to me is like, 'We have a dress code here, you're not allowed to wear any thongs here.'"

Naomi pointed out that she wasn't wearing thongs and was wearing sandals.

"Then he tells me, 'We're a family establishment.' Yeah, cool, and I'm sitting at the bar, where there's no children allowed, the only two children that I can see are all the way on the other end of the f***ing restaurant, which I'm not in," she said.

Naomi Tibbles shows off her outfit
Naomi showed off her outfit in her TikTok rant. Photo: TikTok/naomi.tibbles

"And this motherf***er says, 'Do you have something to cover yourself?' I said, 'No, I don't actually, because I'm on a f***ing island and I was just at the beach, we're on a f***ing beach island, you are on the beach actually.'"

She then showed off her outfit, which included an animal print G-string bikini, see-through crochet pants and a hat, telling her followers, "Anyway this is my outfit and it's really cool."

Naomi captioned the video, "WHAT YEAR IS IT?!".

Her followers were left fuming by the incident, with one user writing, "This is wild, being steps from the beach. Who wears anything but swimwear at Straddie full stop?!"

"They should be glad you've got pants on," another said, adding, "Times have changed hey. I used to be able to jump out of the surf and have a beer dripping wet with only boardies on. That was the Straddy Hotel."

"Clothes are only for winter on Stradbroke," a third said.

"You go girl! I'd be wearing less if I had your body," a fourth added, with Naomi responding, "Oh get out Queen, ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL!"

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