Married At First Sight's biggest earners revealed

Which of the reality stars have cashed in on their time in the spotlight?

Reality TV contestants will do whatever it takes to extend their five minutes of fame but the contestants from Married At First Sight seem particularly good at translating their on-screen popularity into earning power. So which MAFS contestants are making big money off-screen?

Olivia Frazer

When last year's MAFS contestant Olivia Frazer joined OnlyFans in 2020, she admits she was raking it in. At her peak, she had 7000 subscribers and made an eye-watering $500,000 in just four months!

MAFS Olivia in lingerie from Instagram
MAFS 2022 star Olivia has earned big on OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/@olivefrazer (Instagram/@olivefrazer)

Over time her subscribers dropped off and her earnings are now more modest, but still steady. However, MAXIM Australia magazine's latest cover girl has admitted that she doesn't want to do OnlyFans forever and will invest her earnings in property for her future.

Jessika Power

The 2019 MAFS alum Jessika Power sure knows how to extend her 15 of fame. She may have moved to the UK but she is still cashing in on her strong Australian male following.

MAFS 2019 season contestant Jessika Powers
MAFS 2019 season contestant Jessika Powers has capitalised on her popularity. Photo: Nine Network & Instagram/@jessika_power (Nine Network & Instagram/@jessika_power)

Last year she made approximately $150,000 from personal appearances and endorsements alone, as well as making over $700,000 on OnlyFans. If Jessika, 30, can continue growing her following in 2023, she could earn over a million dollars this year!

Cam and Jules

Being the most visible success story of MAFS so far, Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have capitalised on their family-friendly brand, especially since the birth of their son Oliver in 2020.

Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant with baby Oliver in a hammock on a beach
Jules and Cam have built a family brand since appearing on the show. Photo: Instagram/@julesrobinson82 (Instagram/@julesrobinson82)

With their Instagram followers alone, they have a combined 1.2 million fans, with Jules earning up to $3,701 per paid post while Cam can command a healthy $2407.50. They have other ventures as well including Jules' shapewear brand, but the most Aussie way of telling how successful they are is of course looking at their real estate portfolio. The couple lives in a $1.8m house on Sydney's Northern Beaches and in March last year, they also bought a $3.65m six-bedroom holiday home on the Gold Coast.

Martha and Michael

As Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis prepare to welcome their first baby together, the pair's earning potential is also set to increase.

Pregnant Martha Kalifatidis and fiance Michael Brunelli showing off her bump
Martha and Michael have built a solid following which will only increase when their baby arrives. Photo: Instagram/@marthaa__k (Instagram/@marthaa__k)

The couple from 2019's season of the show have nearly 1 million combined followers on Insta and 260k on TikTok, and with Martha doing 11 sponsored posts in November and December last year, it's estimated she brought in around $36,203.75 for two months work just on the gram!

Both Michael and Martha also host podcasts which could up their revenue.

Hayley Vernon

MAFS season 2020 contestant Hayley admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle last year that as well as earning up to $1.3 million on OnlyFans, she also joined a private escort service, where she charged $750 an hour for the "girlfriend experience" or $950 an hour for the "porn star experience", with a minimum of two hours.

MAFS Hayley Vernon posing in lingerie
Hayley has used OnlyFans and work as a private escort to increase her earnings. Photo: Facebook/@HayleyVernon (Facebook/Hayley Vernon)

However, Hayley has since said she is retiring from escorting to become a single mother. "I’m looking forward to reinventing myself in preparation to becoming a mother so that first step is to physically stop seeing [escort] clients," she explained to Yahoo Lifestyle she was turning to IVF and a sperm donor to become a mum.

Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco

They may not be a couple but last year's MAFS contestants Ella and Domenica have proven that working together can be the best way to make it big post-reality TV.

The best friends optimised their earning potential post-MAFS by signing a $250,000 deal for a podcast and their own merchandise line which sold out.

MAFS best friends Domenica and Ella on a boat and posing with champagne in bed
Best friends Domenica and Ella now have a podcast together as well as separate collabs. Photo: Instagram/@sitwithusthepod (Instagram/@sitwithusthepod)

Both have also secured fashion collaborations, Domenica with Showpo and Ella with Pretty Little Things.

Separately their Instagram accounts would earn them both $2,000 or more per sponsored post and Domenica also has her OnlyFans page where she charges up to $12.99 per month, but it's unknown how many subscribers she has.

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