OnlyFans' star Annie Knight reveals her one regret: 'Be smart'

The creator has used her fame and earnings to invest in her future.

After two years in the adult industry, Annie Knight has become one of Australia's most prolific OnlyFans stars whilst raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

The 26-year-old, who gained worldwide notoriety after admitting to “sleeping with 300 people in one year” and was once dubbed the country's “most sexually active woman”, doesn't take her public platform lightly though.

Annie has been on OnlyFans for a little over two years now and recently purchased her second investment property thanks to her growing popularity. Her account experienced slow growth to start while she was promoting herself on TikTok and Instagram, but in August 2023, when she admitted to sleeping with 300 people in one year during an appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, things changed.

In the months that followed the interview, Annie was dubbed “Australia's most sexually active woman” in press all around the world, leading to her hitting 12,500 subscribers in December. This means she is now generating a minimum of $187,000 a month just from her $14.99 subscription fee, excluding additional income from custom content and pay-pay-view bonus videos.

OnlyFans creator Annie Knight.
OnlyFans creator Annie Knight. Photo:

'This was the mistake I made'

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Annie says she wants anyone inspired by her to start an OnlyFans not to get swept up in the potential money they can earn.


“I’d advise anyone starting an OnlyFans to be smart with their money and not blow it on things like luxury bags and superficial items. You never know when the money is going to stop rolling in so it’s important that you start saving from the beginning,” Annie said.

“I’d also urge those starting an OnlyFans to try not to increase their spending when they start seeing a huge influx of money. Obviously if you can keep your spending down you’ll increase your monthly savings a lot quicker, this was a mistake I made in the beginning and it’s why it took me a little longer before I could afford my first property.”

Annie recommends anyone entering the adult industry get a financial advisor too.

"Investing in property is such a good way to do that, which was my goal when I first started [my account]. I bought my first property in October and my second in December.”

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