OnlyFans star kicked off nudist beach after X-rated videos: 'Embarrassed'

An OnlyFans star is claiming she and her husband were kicked off a nudist beach after officials recognised her from her adult videos.

Beatriz Miuky said local officials booted her and her husband off Pinho Beach in Balneario Camboriu, southern Brazil, on Monday, December 12.

She claims she was sent packing after staff recognised her from her explicit videos online, and presumably thought they had come to make more 'content'.

She said that when they were approached and told to leave, the nudist beach was practically empty.

Beatriz Miuky poses in a car in a black bikini.
OnlyFans star Beatriz Miuky claims she and her husband were kicked off a beach. Source: Australscope/Newsflash

"We were taking normal photos, like people enjoying the beach," she said.

"We weren't filming any scenes, we weren't doing anything explicit. They were natural, casual photos, nothing special."


Beatriz said that after being asked to leave, she and her husband did so immediately without causing a scene.

She said the two had been going to the beach for months and nothing of the sort had happened to them before.

"I was embarrassed. They knew about my videos, they knew who I was, so much so that they talked about my OnlyFans. As if it were a crime or something," she said.

Beatriz Miuky sits on a paddeboard while wearing a bikini.
Beatriz Miuky claims she was just enjoying the beach like everyone else. Source: Australscope/Newsflash

"For me, it's prejudice. I wasn't doing anything wrong or anything explicit.

"Anyone on OnlyFans suffers prejudice. It's complicated because they always think we're up to something."


Before arriving at the beach, the couple had posted a snap of themselves stark naked on a motorbike to social media.

"It was a shock, I'd never been through that before, I didn't know how to react," she said.


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