Nine News reporter's awkward mishap live on-air: 'My apologies'

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Nine News reporter Elisabeth Moss has apologised after she suffered an awkward mishap live on-air on Tuesday.

Newsreader Peter Hitchener crossed to the journalist to discuss the delays on the West Gate Freeway, however, she wasn’t ready for the segment.

Nine News' Peter Hitchener and Elisabeth Moss.
Nine News reporter Elisabeth Moss wasn’t ready when Peter Hitchener crossed to her on live TV. Photo: Channel Nine

“Lizzie, how much longer could trips take?” Peter asked her.

Reporting from Yarraville, Elisabeth clearly couldn’t hear Peter and didn’t know she was on-air as she used her phone to check her appearance.

Peter repeated the question, before laughing to himself and moving on to the next segment.

“Oh, I think we’re having a little bit of a delay there,” he said. “We’ll try and get back.”


Following the incident, Elisabeth took to social media to issue an apology.

“My apologies to everyone who watched me fix my hair and talk to myself on live TV tonight. Thank goodness @phitchener9 can make the most of a technical issue!” she tweeted.

Peter replied soon after, writing: “Absolutely no apologies required Lizzie, those unscripted moments on live television are always the best, and you handled it wonderfully well!

“Those are the moments we enjoy most Lizzie,” he continued.

A number of viewers also chimed in with their thoughts on the gaffe, with many saying that Elisabeth handled the situation “beautifully”.

“Elisabeth Moss looking at her phone checking her hair is the highlight of Nine News tonight,” one person tweeted.

“We need more of that,” another added. “We laughed as Peter tried to move on, ever so professionally. The news nowadays [is] so upsetting, something like checking your hair made it amusing. No harm done.”

“Happens to us all Lizzie!” a third shared, followed by others who said it “could have been a lot worse”.

“So long as you didn’t drop an F-bomb to go with it,” a different user remarked. “Sounds like we missed a golden moment.”

“Gutted that this happened during Have You Been Paying Attention’s off-season,” someone else joked.

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