Sunrise host runs off set after cheeky joke live on-air: ‘I think it’s best’

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Michael Usher shocked his Channel Seven colleagues on Thursday morning when he made a cheeky joke about his Sunrise co-host, Monique Wright.

The TV star, who usually presents The Latest: Seven News but is filling in for David ‘Kochie’ Koch over the Christmas break, quickly ran off set after his light-hearted comment fell flat live on-air.

Sunrise's Michael Usher and Monique Wright.
Michael Usher ran off set after making a joke about his Sunrise co-host Monique Wright. Photo: Channel Seven

Michael and Monique were doing a live cross to The Morning Show when hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies teased an upcoming interview with a makeup artist famous for their dramatic transformations on TikTok.

“Wow, that’s like Monique’s transformation in the morning,” Michael quipped.

Larry and Kylie were both stunned by the joke, and several gasps and laughs could be heard from the crew behind the camera.


Monique seemed to take it reasonably well at first and responded with a laugh, “You should see me!”.

After Michael ran off-camera and left her standing alone, however, she made it clear how she really felt about the remark.

“I think it’s best that he go now,” Monique said, followed by a jab about one of Michael’s news stories from earlier in the show.

“Or maybe we could hear your brooch story again,” she quipped, which was met with laughter and applause on-set. “It was really good everyone, it was about why the Queen chooses her brooch and it was wrong anyway.”

The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.
The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies were stunned by Michael’s joke. Photo: Channel Seven

Larry and Kylie, who seemed to be enjoying the hilarious exchange, then jumped back into the conversation.

“I’m laughing because otherwise if you didn’t make the joke about Monique, Larry would’ve said it about me,” Kylie said.

“You got me by that much!” Larry replied, followed by Michael who admitted, “I really wish you’d done it first though”.

Sunrise's Monique Wright walking off set.
Monique also walked off set earlier in the week. Photo: Channel Seven

The on-air moment comes shortly after Monique walked off the set of Sunrise on Tuesday morning after learning that there is a champagne shortage in Australia.

“There’s already a global shortage of French champagne due to supply chain issues, and now Dan Murphys and BWS have had to introduce buying limits,” Edwina Bartholomew said.

“Top brand Dom Perignon is almost out of stock at most bottle shops, so each customer can only buy 12 bottles at any one time.”

Monique jokingly looked shocked and outraged over the news, eventually getting up from her desk and walking away.

“I have to go now,” she said. “I’m gone”.

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