New X-rated Instagram trend sparks debate on TikTok: 'Shocked'

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A video about an X-rated trend has gone viral on TikTok, and not everybody is on board.

Apparently, the ‘close friends’ feature on Instagram stories is often used to arrange ‘hookups’ or exchange nude photos.

Two screenshots of TikToker Jacquieslife talking to the camera
TikToker Jac has explained how the 'close friends' feature on Instagram can be used. Photo: TikTok/jacquieslife

Popular TikTok user Jac, who dates women, revealed that she was ‘shocked’ when she found out.

“I cannot imagine using close friends on Instagram to recruit a booty call,” she said in disbelief.

“But then that night I went to a concert and my friend was like, ‘we have to take a selfie for close friends’.”

As soon as her friend posted on ‘close friends’, Jac watched as her friend received six messages ‘immediately’ from guys trying to ‘hook up’ with her.


Jac pointed out that being on someone’s ‘close friend’ list could be interpreted as a ‘subtle move’ toward potential partners.

The TikToker shared another personal anecdote of when a photo of herself and a friend building furniture was added to a ‘close friends’ story.

L: TikToker Jac talking to the camera. R: Photo of Jac and a friend building furniture with a green screen video of her talking on top
A photo of Jac building furniture attracted potential 'hookups'. Photo: TikTok/jacquieslife

Jac was sure there wouldn’t be an X-rated response this time, because the person adding it to her ‘close friends’ story wasn’t even in the picture.

“She posted it and I’m like, okay, this isn’t going to be like the other one. Immediately, someone messages her, ‘wanna f?’,” she exclaimed, before laughing.

People were divided on using the ‘close friends’ feature in this way, with many hearing about it for the first time.

“Is this why so many straight men have me randomly added on their close friends even though I almost never speak to them?” one user asked.

“I use it as ‘who am I okay seeing my infant daughter’s face’ but I hope I’m not sending a wrong impression,” another added worriedly.

“No literally my straight girlfriend does this and I was shocked when I found out. My close friends story is for my besties,” a third said.

“I don’t even know how to describe the process of choosing who’s on close friends but hooking up is NOT IT,” remarked another.


However, there were lots of people who use the feature as a dating app.

“Putting them on the private story is a subtle move for me though,” one admitted.

“A guy added me to a private story that was just thirst traps and I was like, noted,” a second wrote.

“It’s a way to get attention. Some girlies will make private stories for one person to see haha,” bragged another.

“A guy told me he had 58 women (including me) that he wanted to get with and no men in his close friends,” a fourth chimed in.

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