Therapist's viral TikTok hack 'predicts' if your partner will cheat

A therapist has gone viral on TikTok for a hack that she claims can help you predict whether or not your partner is going to cheat on you.

Kate, who runs the @restoringrelationships TikTok account, said that while it was a morbid subject, she had a technique that could help people be more aware of their partner's behaviour.

"To keep it very simple, we're going to be talking about an avoidant and an anxious [attachment styles] in relationships with each other," she said.

"The biggest concept that a lot of you might have heard of is called triangulation."

The TikToker writes the words avoidant and anxious on a whiteboard and draws a line joining them, explaining that is the bond between them.

TikTok therapist Kate explains how you can predict whether or not your partner will cheat. Source: TikTok/@restoringrelationships
TikTok therapist Kate explains how you can predict whether or not your partner will cheat. Source: TikTok/@restoringrelationships

"Now when this bond gets unstable or stress is put on the bond, this is when the avoidant and the anxious stress responses come out," she said.

"So an avoidant literally avoids vulnerability, avoids kind of confronting issues in the relationship so they bring in a third party.

"So when there's an issue they don't come to the relationship like an anxious, they'd externalise and bring something external into it. They get their emotional needs met by this third party. It could be work, it could be another person, it literally could be alcohol."

The therapist draws a line to create a triangle above the initial bond line.

"The anxious on the other hand, they tend to internalise so when there's stress in the relationship, they usually come inwards," she said.

"When they do not get their needs met in the relationship, they literally internalise so this comes out as eating disorder issues, or depression and anxiety."


The therapist then draws an upside down triangle underneath the line between the 'avoidant' and 'anxious', and explains the anxious really clings to things inside the relationship.

"So this becomes an issue for kids, especially when the anxious attachment doesn't get their needs met by their avoidant partner, and so they get them met through the kids and that's how codependency happens. Can you all see how that affects the push and pull?" she explains in the TikTok.

"And it's kind of like, if you're not conscious of this stuff then you can be at its mercy.

"So how does this relate to cheating? Basically if your partner is constantly going outside of the relationship to get their needs met, whether it's through work, or avoiding literally anything, that to me are warning signs that cheating could happen."

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