'Nasty' detail in Kourtney Kardashian's snap sparks debate: 'Disgusting'

The reality TV star divided with her unconventional bathroom choice.

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Kourtney Kardashian has been torn apart on social media after fans spotted an odd detail in her Instagram post. In a carousel of photos taken in her bathroom, the star was first seen drinking from her bathroom tap in pink and black lingerie.

However, many were horrified by her third snap. The photo was taken from above, clearly showing an array of food surrounding the bath with one plate and glass sitting on her toilet.

L: Kourtney Kardashian posing. R: Bathroom with plates of food on the toilet and around the bath
Kourtney Kardashian's latest Instagram post has baffled fans. Photo: Instagram/kourtneykardash

The bath water appeared to be red and was covered with a layer of bubble bath foam. The food littered around the bath included a plate of wedges, macarons, fruit and a bottle of champagne.

Her fans were divided, with many flooding the comment section to share their 'disgust'.

“Food on the toilet, that’s nasty,” one person wrote.

“That bathroom scene is what nightmares are made of,” another added.


“Never seen something like that before, it’s gagging!” a third exclaimed.

“Yuck, yuck to the thought of even bringing food into the bathroom period! Lol,” another remarked.

Kourtney Kardashian poses on a bed in a black corset
Some of Kourtney's fans stepped up to defend her. Photo: Instagram/kourtneykardashian

However, others defended her odd choice and some guessed the food was just a prop.

“I’m sure their toilets are clean. She probably has some toilets in her home they don’t even use,” a fan pointed out.

“You realise celebrities have cleaners right? And that you can clean toilets? Her bathroom is probably more sanitary than most restaurants and it’s not like she’s eating out of the toilet it’s on plates,” another added.

“I don’t think it’s her bathroom, it’s probably just for a shoot,” a third guessed.


The star addressed the backlash on her Instagram stories, sharing her post and mentioning the negative comments. She then revealed that the bathroom setting was actually used for a photo shoot with her husband Travis Barker.

The pair were promoting Daring, a plant-based chicken brand, in a quirky shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth. In the campaign, the couple is sitting in the bath, with Travis drinking champagne while Kourtney holds a burger.

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