Shoppers lose it as 'genius' Aldi wine bag returns

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Aldi special buys wine cooler bag
The Aldi wine bag is back for Christmas, and we couldn't be happier. Photo: Supplied/Aldi

Aldi has outdone itself with a very festive surprise included in next Wednesday’s Special Buys, which has seen shoppers effectively lose their damn minds.

The upcoming December 18th Special Buy catalogue is all about festive cheer, but the product that really takes the cake was the supermarket’s famous ‘Tote with Concealed Cooler’ picnic bag.

Oh yes, the sneaky booze bag is back in a big way as of next Wednesday

A bag with a hidden wine pocket

The bag first went on sale last December and was a massive hit.

A truly multi-purpose item, the wine cooler tote bag includes a side-pocket made to hold a cask wine bag, and even includes an opening for the tap.

The bag will set you back a mere $25 and is the perfect gift for a loved one in need of a sneaky wine or three this Christmas.

Aldi wine tote bag special buy
The wine tote bag has a secret pouch for your cask wine. Photo: Supplied/Aldi

An updated version of last year’s knockout, this year the bag comes in a funky green and white floral print as opposed to the nautical stripes sported by last year’s lucky buyers.

It also includes a few upgrades.

The new tote comes with a ‘removable/reusable drink pouch with dispenser’, ‘large main compartment’ and in ‘assorted designs’.

Basically you can pick your look, and fit any bulky necessities in the tote without compromising on wine space.

Mums in love on Facebook

Parents in particular are heralding the bag as something akin to the messiah of nappy and tote bags on online fan pages.

Posted to an Aldi mums Facebook group, one mum kicked off the commotion by sharing a photo of the bag in the Aldi catalogue.

“This is ALL I want for Xmas!” the mum wrote alongside the photo.

Members of Aldi Mums' Facebook group were delighted at the product's return. Photo: Facebook/aldimums
Members of Aldi Mums' Facebook group were delighted at the product's return. Photo: Facebook/aldimums

Hundreds liked the post and scrambled to tag their friends in the comments, or just leave their own thoughts on the bag.

“Oh shut up and take my money,” one mum wrote.

“Ok, I change my mind. I want this for Christmas,” another shared.

Many spent some time brainstorming different activities that the bag could be used for.

“How good would this be for movie nights!!!” one wrote.

“We need this for football next season,” another told a friend.

It even came with a guarantee from a very happy customer.

“I got one last year... I love it!” she wrote.

Safe to say the Aldi Caviar Craze over the weekend won’t be the last mad dash the supermarket can expect before Christmas.

A tumultuous week for Aldi

Meanwhile, amidst the festivities, certain customers are still fuming over Aldi’s refusal to crack down on customers bulk buying special buys and reselling them at jaw-dropping markups online.

One listing is asking for $300 for one box. Photo: eBay
One listing is asking for $300 for one box. Photo: eBay

On Tuesday, furious customers claimed they would opt-out of the Special Buys going forward after the coveted Lacura Caviar Cream was being resold on eBay for ten times the $30 retail price.

Aldi maintains it will not implement a per-customer item limit despite the ongoing, and increasing protests from shoppers.

For now, all that’s left for the busy parent is to pick up a cask or two to slot in and sip.

Berri Estate's Dry White cask
Berri Estate's Dry White cask

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