$30 Aldi buy fetching $300 online

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Aldi customers are once again up in arms after the infamous Caviar Cream was cleaned from shelves over the weekend, and is now being sold for up to ten times its retail price online.

The contentious product is lauded for its skincare properties and similarity to an almost $600 ultra-luxe product La Prarie, but invariably causes an absolute meltdown when it hits shops.

The coveted Lacura Caviar Cream has sparked a rebellion in shoppers. Photo: Facebook

Another Caviar induced craze hits shops

This weekend was no exception, the budget supermarket unveiled a Lacura gift pack which included the coveted cream for just $30 and customers absolutely lost their marbles over it according to accounts online.

“Well, yet again feral shoppers cleared out ALL of the Caviar product in one swoop just minutes after opening and walked out with it all leaving nothing behind for anyone else,” one irate shopper shared on Facebook.

It was a story many echoed, sharing their own anger at the lack of product available, and other buyers’ behaviour.

The gift set has sold out in shops all over Australia. Photo: eBay

“Impossible to get your hands on! I went to many stores on Saturday, day of sale, all sold out, as I had expected,” was one person’s experience.

“It was sold out at our store within 5 minutes!” another agreed.

Customers strike on Special Buys

Footage from the last Caviar Cream sale made waves. Photo: Supplied

Now it seems some customers have decided to opt-out of the Special Buys altogether.

“It's ridiculous, isn’t it. I refuse to go to Aldi for these Special Buys,” one woman wrote, and it seems others are on the same wavelength.

“Get with the program Aldi and strictly enforce a limit to stop such reckless behaviour in every store!!!” another commanded.

In September when the last Caviar sale swept through the stores customers voiced similar thoughts on the state of affairs.

“My son got crushed today by the nutters who separated him and me to get their creams. Crazy!” one woman complained back in September.

Cream fetching hundreds on eBay

One listing is asking for $300 for one box. Photo: eBay

Meanwhile, those who nabbed more than their fair share look like they are already cashing in online.

Gift sets that went on sale on Saturday for $30 have already cropped up on eBay at over ten times the price, asking as much as $300 for one of the boxes.

The above set was posted at just 9:30 am this last Saturday.

With Aldi stores opening at 8:30 am at the earliest on a Saturday, the above item must have been purchased, priced and posted within just an hour of the buyer entering the shop.

No shift on item policy from Aldi

Aldi doubled down on their lack of an item-per-customer cap back in September. Photo: Getty Images

“There were no limits at those stores. C’mon Aldi review your policy about limits for customers and be consistent with it. Not happy,” another said of a similar situation of items being resold back in September.

Aldi doubled down on its policy of not implementing an item limit on customers, and have not commented on the case this time around.

“We are not in the practice of restricting the volume of items sold to our customers and our focus will remain on correctly balancing customer demand with stock availability,” a spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time.

La Prairie, which Caviar Cream is compared to, fetches up to $800 a pop. Photo: skincity

The reason behind the sheer madness the creams seem to incite among shoppers is their perceived cost-cutting.

At only $19.99 for the Caviar Day Cream or Night Cream, shoppers are virtually saving over $550, though as the latest comments seem to suggest, it’s a saving that may just not be worth it anymore.

Meanwhile, other customers are still happy with the supermarket’s Special Buys, in particular, the very merry Christmas option of a concealed wine cooler bag which hits shelves next Wednesday, December 18th.

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