Mum's 'ingenious' hack for transforming Kmart planter

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Chic lighting solutions can be expensive, but when you can hack a Kmart product, with a little help from Bunnings, for a fraction of the cost, it's no wonder people love it!

That's exactly what Sydney mum Sarah did and when she shared her results on the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook page, she received more than 2000 likes and 400 comments.

"A little Kmart hack I did a couple of weeks ago," she posted.

A dining room with sophisticated downlights made out of Kmart wall planters! It shows a table with eight chairs against a wall with oval mirrors and roped vases on marble plinths and a jute rug.
Sarah's dining room is transformed with her sophisticated new downlights that are really Kmart wall planters! Photo: Supplied


"I used the speckled hanging wall planter from Kmart, 3m command strips to stick the planter to the wall, and these puck lights I placed inside the planter from Bunnings," Sarah explained.

"I used these particular lights from Bunnings, because I was after a warm light, but you can get any puck light you choose!

"One of the easiest projects to do.

"Very cost-efficient, also rent friendly!

"These lights cost a total of 21.50 each! @kmartaus speckled hanging wall planters -$5.50 @kmartaus 3m command Velcro strips - $6.00 @bunnings sensor lights - $8.00."

The Kmart planter, $5.50 and Bunnings night light, $8.90. The planter at left has a succulent in it and the light at right is in its packaging.
Sarah used a Kmart planter, $5.50 and Bunnings night light, $8.90. Photo: Supplied

Good idea planted

Fellow members were quick to praise the results.

"Ingenious! Never would of thought of that," one wrote.

"This is my life … trawling through Kmart hacks to upcycle stuff in a classy way hahaha," another commented.

"Thank you so much for this hack. Best thing ever for my girls at night and looks great," another said after recreating the hack.

While Sarah used sensor lights, she told followers they could be turned on and off, and would not react to movement unless people were very close.

Chance sighting light-bulb moment

It was a chance sighting that gave Sarah the idea.

"I went for my usual stroll to Kmart and a planter caught my eye. I had an idea in that moment and automatically pictured it as a wall light," she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I had recently been wanting to purchase wall lights, but my property is a rental, which comes with restrictions as to what tenants can do.

"When I saw these planters I thought they'd be the perfect solution.

"I went to Bunnings and purchased some sensor puck lights, which I then stuck on the inside with some Velcro 3m command strips.

"I also stuck some Velcro command strips to the planter," she said.

"I shared some photos with my family and friends and they loved the idea so much!

"I enjoyed how simple and cost-effective this project was and the fact that you can stick them anywhere cable-free."

"I love everything to do with home design and DIY projects where I can let my imagination shine through," Sarah, a mum of three young children told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I have a passion for recreating the original use of products into something even more spectacular.

"These days, home decor items can be quite expensive and, with my DIY projects, I hope to benefit others in enjoying creating items at a very affordable price.

"By allowing my imagination to be in control during the process of designs allows me to stand out and have unique results."

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