Amazing $7 Kmart product stuns in table upcycle: 'Gorgeous'

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Upcycling furniture has just been made a whole lot easier with a $7 Kmart product.

The discount retailer has released a range of cheap, but effective, chalk paints in trendy colours and one Facebooker proves the results are as good as higher-end products.

"If anyone was curious about the Kmart chalk paint, it's amazing!" Bayley, 22, wrote sharing her project on the Kmart Hacks & Decor group.

"My partner and I flipped this table we had in the shed and I love how it turned out!

"Great coverage, only did 2 coats.

"Might need to try the other colours now!"

Before photo of an old coffee table and after it has been upcycled with Kmart chalk paint and wax.
Turning an old table into a fashionable piece using a $7 Kmart product was simple. Photo: Supplied


In just a few days, the Queenslander had almost 900 likes and more than 120 comments.

"You have done a beautiful job on the table, it looks fabulous" one fan commented.

"Gorgeous," another added.

"Love that colour!," a third added.

Bayley was happy to answer all the questions people asked about how she achieved her beautiful finish.

"I sanded to remove all of the previous gloss and stain, then put a liquid beeswax sealer over top!" she said.

"I've done another cabinet in the past and found the varnish turned the wood quite yellow, so I wanted to try something else to keep the light colour."

 Images against a white background of Kmart's Chalk Paint in Vintage Green, $7 and Monocel liquid wax, $22 from Bunnings.
Bayley used Kmart's Chalk Paint in Vintage Green, $7 and Monocel liquid wax, $22, from Bunnings. Photo: Supplied

Upcycling furniture is fairly new to Bayley, a Visual Merchandiser and Retail Supervisor, but it seems she has the DIY bug now.

"I love watching furniture flipping Tiktoks and restoration videos, so I wanted to try it out for myself," Bayley told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I actually did a cabinet flip a little while ago, which was my first one.

A before and after picture of an upcycled corner cabinet, at left in dark stain and at right after being painted in blue on the outside and in white on the interior of shelves.
The first piece of furniture Bayley upcycled. Photo: Supplied

"My partner's parents had the coffee table sitting in their shed and knew I liked to do that kind of thing, so said to take it and do whatever I wanted with it!

"I love the look of the wooden top and painted legs and had seen the chalk paint in Kmart and really wanted to try it out.

"I wasn't sure if it'd be any good or not, because it was so cheap, but thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a go!

"So we thought of a plan and came up with the finished product after 2 days.

"I was definitely happy with how it turned out!

"The paint was amazing for the price and the wood turned out a really nice colour after sanding."

A coffee table during and after upcycling, shown at left on its back on a workbench with legs painted blue; at right it is standing upright showing the ornate painted legs. Inset is the table with the legs removed, showing the underside of the top before being painted.
Bayley took apart the table to ensure a good finish. While she lightly sanded, the paint stuck to the unsanded bits too. Photo: Supplied

After she and her partner saw how good the finished product was, they changed their mind about selling it.

"We actually decided to keep it because we loved it so much," Bayley said.

"I've been hunting through Facebook marketplace for the next piece to do and possibly sell.

"I'd love to do a matching dining table!

"I'm a creative person and love all different kinds of crafts and ways to show my creativity, so this was a lot of fun for me.

"The positive feedback was definitely a surprise!," Bayley said.

"As my partner said, it was just something we had laying around that we decided to fix up and now nearly 900 people have reacted to it.

"Everyone has been so kind and it definitely makes you feel good to see other people liking what you've done."

And it looks like a lot of people will also be giving the Kmart Chalk Paint a go now, thanks to Bayley!

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