I'm A Celeb's Brittany Hockley on jungle feuds, masturbation, and food shortages

From camp arguments to lack of food and who showered naked, Brittany Hockley has revealed all.

I'm A Celebrity....Get Me Out Of Here! star Brittany Hockley has given an unfiltered interview to her Life Uncut co-star Laura Byrne on what life was like in the South African jungle, from the food shortages, and camp fights, to the spicier answers about masturbation, general hygiene and who showered naked.

After a four-week stint in the jungle, Brittany narrowly missed out on making it through to the finals, with Skye Wheatley later crowned the winner. However, while Brittany said her jungle journey was full of up and downs, she also said it was an overall positive experience... minus the lack of food.

Brittany Hockley and Robert Irwin
Brittany and Robert Irwin. Photo: Instagram.com/brittany_hockley

"There were genuinely days you couldn't walk very far without sitting down, people getting dizzy, Callum would sleep 12 hours a day sometimes, you don't have the energy... so those days they'd send in a banana, one banana each," Brittany revealed about the food situation in the jungle.

"I didn't think the [lack of] food would be real," she continued. "I knew I'd be hungry, I thought they'd slip you more secret food when you were struggling! I lost 5.5.kg in four weeks. The boys dropped 10kg."

The radio and podcast star went on to say that the campmates never knew the day or time while in the jungle.

"I don't know what the purpose is, but you have no concept of when you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you're eating, you know nothing," Britt said. "You don't know if you've had four hours sleep, eight hours sleep... You get up, have your oats, and then you don't know what you've done to fill in the hours."

Britt in good challenge I'm A Celeb
Britt struggles through a food challenge on I'm A Celeb. Photo: Network 10

After Laura said it looked like Candice was in the wrong, calling out Skye to hand in her lip liner, Brittany refuted it saying everyone was actually on Candice's side.

"Candice was in the right and everyone agreed with her. That wasn't such a huge thing in the jungle," Britt said.


"Everyone had two minutes to hand it [their contraband] in, or there were consequences like withholding food," she explained "So everyone handed it in apart from Skye. Candice knew she had it, but no one else did. Candice didn't want to starve, she wasn't throwing anyone under the bus.

"Candice and Skye handle their emotions very differently. But everyone thought it was a fair request of Candice to ask her to hand it in."

"You can shower every day, but you don't," she laughed. "Frankie and Skye were the grossest by far. It was so cold, and you're out in the open, there's spiders, snakes, scorpions...

"Callum was the only one who showered naked!" she added.

I'm A Celeb callum shower quote
Some celebs avoided the shower more than others.... Photo: Network 10

When it came to women getting their period while in the jungle, Britt deemed it 'hard' as she uses a menstrual cup.

"That was definitely hard, they give you pads and tampons, it's knowing there is a room of 80 people watching," Britt said of using a menstrual cup and being aware that there's a whole camera and production crew watching the celebrities' moves. "There's no way I'm whipping a menstrual cup out and tipping my blood down the sink. I'd do it at night time, and I'd go wash my hands, go to the long drop, take it out, walk back out, clean it, rinse it, wash my hands again... I could've used tampons, [but] it's a choice I made a couple of years ago."

When Laura asked if anyone masturbated in the jungle, Brittany seemed to think it was unlikely anyone was "rubbing" one out.


"You're so depleted, so you're not horny. I did often wake up with hand on my boob, it's a comfort thing, sometimes it was on my crotch but I was just holding it," she said. "No one's masturbating but if you ever saw me with my hands on my private parts, it's a comfort thing!"

While Britt kept mum on her actual earnings from the show, she did admit she initially turned it down.

"You have to get paid, because you give up your job. People negotiate whatever they think they need to go in," she revealed. "They offered me a number to go in, and I said no because it didn't cover — I'd lose money. They renegotiated for me, and everyone had different salaries, but no one talks about it. Frankie would have got the most, hands down."

Daily Mail Australia revealed last year that the celebrities on the 2023 series were getting paid between $35,000 and $180,000.

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