Mum's budget IKEA mirror hack totally transforms living room: 'Gorgeous'

If you’ve been thinking of styling up a tired-looking room using IKEA products, this might just be the budget hack you’ve been looking for.

Paneled mirrors certainly give any space a luxe vibe, but getting the desired upmarket mirrored look can cost hundreds of dollars - especially if you have a lot of wall to cover.

IKEA mirror pack
The LOTS mirror panels from IKEA are one of the store's most popular products, with 4.5 star rated reviews. Source: IKEA

But one woman has revealed how she completely transformed her living room with the upmarket look on a budget thanks to a handy IKEA hack.

Using LOTS mirror packs, the UK woman created a stunning paneled-look wall mirror for a fraction of the price of some decorative panel mirrors on the market.

Taking to social media, she explained exactly how she did it and shared pictures of her impressive results.


“I love this IKEA hack,” she wrote alongside pictures of her transformation.

“The whole thing cost me £20 [AUD$35]. The mirror I wanted was £180 [AUD$315.50]!!!!”

How she did it

Explaining how she put it all together, the mum said the hack not only “looked gorgeous” but it was “easy to do and cheap”.

Using back plaint, she created a rough grid-like pattern on her wall with 16 spaces, one for each mirror, with thick lines for each.

Painted grid on wall
While the painted frame looks far from luxe, the end results are amazing. Source: Facebook.

She then measured the space between mirrors and stuck them onto the wall over the paint, creating a paneled frame around each mirrored square.

The LOTS mirror packs from IKEA include 30cm by 30cm mirrored squares, which come with double-sided tape for mounting.

Although this woman is from the UK, you can still create the exact same look using IKEA Australia products. The LOTS mirror pack costs $15 for a four-pack, so creating a similar look will cost $60 for a 16-panel mirror.

IKEA mirrors mounted on wall, progress shot
The thick lines allow for a completely even frame around the mirror once mounted. Source: Facebook.

Not bad considering homewares stores have a range of similar-looking designs ranging from $220 to $1100 online.

'It looks great!'

While the woman was surprised with how well it turned out, others agreed saying it was "genius".

“Looks absolutely gorgeous,” one person wrote, with another adding “This looks amazing!”

IKEA mirrors mounted on wall
The end result was a luxe mirror panel to rival $200-plus lookalikes. Source: Facebook.

The only question others had about the hack was whether the mirrors actually stuck well to the wall with the double-sided tape they come with.

But the woman assured them they were secure and sturdy.

“The stickers work really well. I’ve got kids who put their dirty hands all over them and the mirrors have never moved,” she said.

Looks like the perfect weekend project for upping your living room style game on a budget.

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