Give your room an autumn makeover in 5 easy steps

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We're well into autumn now and the change to cooler weather is all around us.

With the trees turning and the air starting to get a little brisk, it's the perfect opportunity to match the change of season in your home.

What better way to enjoy the cooler weather than to snuggle up on your couch?

Just by swapping the cooler tones for more earthy, warm shades and textures, you'll create your own cosy autumnal hollow in seconds.

So how do you get the look?

Autumn-tone rooms
Autumn-tone rooms



Cushions may be the easiest way to change the mood of your lounge.

Swap pale crisp cottons for warmer textures, like rust velvets, soft cream linens and earthy patterns.

Don't be afraid to swap in a faux fur cushion cover for added depth and warmth.

As soon as you add soft textures and materials to your lounge, it instantly creates a cosy, warm atmosphere.

Autumn tones are houndstooth, fur, check, velvets and cute prints of woodland animals.

Don't be afraid to mix and match to create a bespoke autumnal wonderland to sink into with a cup of tea and a good book.

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A dark tan velvet square cushion against a white background.


As soon as you add a super thick knitted throw to your lounge, it invites people in to snuggle up and relax in a calm, soothing environment.

Warm, earthy tones of copper, rust, cream and burnt orange instantly represent the autumnal shades, while still offering a muted, chic pop of colour to your home.

You don't have to go all out and swap every part of your couch to create the autumn feel.

If you've added some earthy cushions to your pale couch, pick up one of the tones and find a soft throw that matches it, so it won't overpower the space, but still makes sense with the room.

Remember, when it comes to throws, thicker and softer is always best.

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A fringed tan throw is held by a human whose feet are visible.


Rugs can instantly change the feel of a room and are the perfect accessory to your lounge centrepiece.

The easiest way to choose a rug that fits with your lounge and cushions is to pick up a fabric or colour from your cushion and have that as the running theme for your rug.

As the autumn feel is about textures, warmth and earthy tones, Persian-inspired rugs are always a safe option.

Choosing a pleasing pattern in muted warm tones is a great way to add depth, texture and warmth to your home, while creating a cosy pathway to your lounge.

You don't have to spend a lot, either, to create the look.

Shop the look: Miss Amara Zola Blue Orange And Yellow Floral Distressed Rug

A Persion-inspired rug in muted earthy tones against a white background.


When it comes to accessorising your couch and living space for autumn, the key word is warmth.

Think candles, foliage, books and wood.

Get creative and add some dried flowers to your side table or hang them from the wall.

If you have shelves or a mantelpiece, stack a collection of warm items like wooden frames, foliage, faux berries and candles to make your space feel like a warm nest.

Warm doesn't always mean dark.

You can still enjoy plenty of bright, natural light in your cosy space.

If your space is light and airy, add some warmer touches with candles around the room and vases of dried flowers or leaves, as if you've foraged them yourself in the woods.

Autumn is the perfect season to stack textures, colours and patterns together to create a feeling of abundance and closeness.

Bring in small elements of different autumnal items and place them together in your room to create a feeling of gathering and togetherness.

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Flowers: Artificial Dollar Gum Branch

Dried green and pink foliage against a white background.
Dried foliage will bring the forest into your home. Photo: Kmart

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