Mum's 'naughty' discovery in Coles buy raises eyebrows

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

An Aussie mum got a rude shock this week after she picked up one of Coles’ highly coveted new Best Buys only to discover a very rude inclusion.

Coles delighted parents this month when they introduced the new frozen McCain EmotiBites Mashed Potato Shapes for just $4, but parents looking to feed the family may be getting more than they bargained for in the novelty snack.

The McCain EmotiBites are a hit with shoppers. Photo: Suppled

The popular item features what used to be brand’s iconic Potato Smiley’s, now in a variety of emoji shapes including happy faces, thumbs up, winks and something a little ruder as mum Tiana discovered when she uploaded a snap of her baking tray to a Mum’s budgeting group on Facebook.

‘Is that the rude finger?’ Hilarious oversight spotted in EmotiBites

A mum got a shock when she spotted a very rude potato smiley on her tray. Photo: Supplied

Hoping to share the useful info that the supermarket was stocking the popular treat, Tiana instead had it pointed out to her that one of the EmotiBites seemed to be in the shape of the rude finger.

She tells Yahoo Lifestyle she ‘hadn’t even noticed’ the rude little guy until other parents started to spot him lurking.

“Is it just me or does one look like the rude finger?” one of the mums pointed out.

“Yep, ones a rude finger,” another confirmed.

Others were baffled Tiana hadn’t spotted the rude detail straight away.

“First thing I saw,” another wrote.

“No need to be rude,” another joked, sharing the real-life emoji of the middle finger.

“Subliminal message to toddler,” another pointed out.

Coles has been contacted for comment, and most assume the unusual inclusion was a mistake rather than an edgy inclusion.

Others, however, took to the comments to share their own snaps of the contents and it looks like the offending finger bite is very much intentional, though it seems to simply be a misshapen thumbs up.

Another parent's snap showed the 'rude' inclusion was not a one-off. Photo: Supplied

Either way at least one mum had no issues with adding a bit of spice to her potato smiley dinner time serve.

“I’m buying them for that gesture and the 13-year-old that caused me stress this week!” she wrote.

Nothing like a subtle dig included on their dinner plate to remind a teenager who’s boss, we suppose.

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